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    Monday, August 18, 2008


    How nice this is?
    Its the shape of love.
    Naturally performed.
    Last few weeks, we had chemistry experiment and we actually found this when we were cleaning.
    We didn't made it on purpose.
    It just came to our eyes in a sudden.


    Love isn't what you will ever expect.
    Love isn't what you can make.
    Love is told by faith, we can't create and we can't destroy.
    Can you create such amazing thing?
    No. We just have to wait for the right person to come up to us and say:"I love you."
    Not just to say but to show.
    Express one's love to your loved ones.
    We'll never know when our true love will appear.
    Love is unpredictable, unbearable.
    "t won't be hurting if its love, if it hurts, it ain't any true love"
    This is what I tell myself when I can't bear the pain of broken hearted relationship.
    True enough, he's not my true love, I shall not waste my time and effort thinking of something which is impossible.
    Yesterday was such a memorable memory.
    "They can take tomorrow and the plans we made, They take the music that we'll never play, All the broken dreams, Take everything, Just take it away, They can never have yesterday."
    Yes, its true. Yesterday will live forever and ever.
    No one can ever take that away from me.
    Is there really true love?
    I ask again.
    Someday, I might find it fascinating.
    Just someday, I'll find it in an awesome place which I couldn't even imagine.
    I know somewhere in the world, someone is always there for me.
    Just Someday.

    Friday, August 15, 2008


    how to confess something to your loved ones?
    It's hard.
    I just don't know how to said it out to her.
    What I have always kept in my heart.
    Is it me or is it you?
    is it me being over sensitive?
    I don't know!!!
    Can everything change back to the ori?
    It would be so much better.
    Everything we used to said were real, from the bottom of our heart.
    But how about now? Is it true? Everything you said is crap. Nothing much.
    My heart is broken into pieces...
    I can't be writing everything out in my blog... There will be no response.
    I too need someone to hold on, to talk to, to cry at, to play with, to do anything we pleased... but not now... Its not the same anymore.
    You were the one. And I don't mean that you have to continue to be but just be true to me.
    I would definitely appreciate that!
    How can I start talking?