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    Monday, June 23, 2008

    Lucky or Worst day of my Life??

    I feel so lucky to remain alove in this world! All because of the worst day of my life! I went to Midvalley with Ashslyn and Nicholas for the edu-fair.
    We reached Bukit Badak train station at 2.30(or3.00), bought tickets. The train should reach the station in 20 minutes. But guess what? The train actually delayed for almost an hour! Apart from that, there was a heavy rain that afternoon. We have no choice but to go through the rain to the ticket booth. As i pass by a electric fuse box, it exploded!(small explotion). There was sparkle! I was frightened man! We got up the train and there was absolutely no place to sit. As the train go further, there was more people coming in so the train was crowded like hell! I stood in the train the whole journey.
    We reached there around 4.45 and we were freaking hungry! At first we went to the lady's and I waited so long I almost burst! Haha! Went to fair and search for courses which suit me best.
    Then, we went to eat our dinner at Carl's jr. My favourite burger place!
    We took the train back to kl central and we couldn't find the bus back to klang so we just have to walk a short journey to get the train again! What a nice journey we had!
    Reached home at 12 o'clock!
    That will be the last time i take the stupid train in malaysia!

    Dearest Friend,

    It takes a long long time for the oyster to produce a beautiful pearl.
    Its hard to tell if someone around you is fading away.
    It takes courage to say it out loud.
    Its a long journey to change things back.
    Everything is in your hands.
    You make the choice.
    Its up to whether it remains or have a slight changes.
    Honestly, it wouldn't turn back as before.
    You can't turn back time.
    But at least the truth is out!
    She will understand...!
    Hey remember I'm always here for you whenever you need a partner!
    All the best!

    Thursday, June 19, 2008

    Tell me my friends

    Tell me,
    What is called life wothout friends?

    Tell me,
    Where else you find love other than true friends?

    Tell me,
    Is there friendship forever?

    Tell me,
    Aren't my friends brilliant?

    I'll tell you life sucks without them, no idea where, and it is totally true about friendship forever last but not least, my friends are BRILLIANT!

    They are funny

    They are beautiful

    They are smart!

    We enjoy being together

    FRIENDS? Family!

    Wednesday, June 18, 2008

    important to have friends!

    The Night

    A night to be remembered,
    When we show everyone what we are capable of.

    A night to be remembered,

    When we danced with our souls.

    A night when nightmare comes,
    When we LOST!

    A nightmare which is actually a sweet dream,
    When I saw my friends there.

    A night which is so remarkable,
    When I realized I was wrong.

    A night which is so amazing,
    We actually won! Won over ourselves!

    A night of groovy night fever,
    We danced with passion.

    A night, a night,
    Supported by friends.

    The night, a sweet memory,
    We WON!

    Wednesday, June 11, 2008

    Rien n'est aussi spécial que vous à moi

    Owh.. What the hell is that?


    Yes yes.

    In this pitch black night which i'm in,
    You're like light that remains in my sight.
    Without you I'll be in agony,
    Coup in darkness and insanity,
    Shall all fade but I know there will always be you,
    You, and only you.
    As I bid my goodnights,
    I too bid my undying love to you.

    Now, every second of my life is occupied by you.

    Let dreams sparkle like thousands star of me and you until the horizon of dawn wakes you and let your waking thoughts be me.

    Yes. My waking thoughts are you!

    Thou are like the pearl of the world,
    Nor a thousand gold can replace you.
    Shall i compare thy love to the strong Titanic?
    Titanic has shuken, corroded in the salt water.
    And once its cut, simple iodine couldn't cure the wound.
    But thy eternal love shall not fade,
    As for darkness falls, thy love shall shine like a million stars.
    Nor shall mist covers the bright light thee brought.
    As long as man breathe and live,
    So long thy love to me, So long my love to thou.

    Suddenly i got inspiration to a poem! haha

    Monday, June 9, 2008

    A Brand New Day

    09th june 2008, Monday.
    Mid-term holidays ended and School reopens.
    And the worst day of all!
    It's time to get our mid-term exam's result!
    And what I got are unsatisfied results...
    As usual, I failed my weak subjects.
    The ONLY thing I'm not happy with is my English!
    What?! A2 for my english?! This sucks bad!
    High expectation will only bring you higher disappointment!
    So, now which is too late, I'm gonna brush up those subjects!
    For my future I must and I can!
    There's more to come...
    This Saturday is the Final for the dance, singing and instrumental competition!
    Of course Matt's coming!
    Do I really expect us to get champion now?
    Well... Maybe a little. Who don't right?
    My previous hope was to get into the finals that's all.
    But now, everybody do expectus to be the champion!
    My only wish is all my friends is gonna have as much as fun as me on the stage!
    Victory doesn't show everything, as long as we are happy!
    Let's make the next day even brighter!
    -A new life with Matthew-
    I love my bf!>.<

    Thursday, June 5, 2008


    bev and matt-day out
    action la..

    he's my hottie!

    Monday, June 2, 2008

    30 May 2008 -Eastin Hotel

    chuan da n bev
    james aka the poser n bev
    wan jing lay kian n bev
    the ladies
    tze xin n bev