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    Thursday, October 30, 2008

    They can take tomorrow and the plans we made
    They can take music that we've never played
    All the broken dreams
    Take everything
    Just take it away
    They can never have yesterday

    They can take the future that we'll never know
    They can take the places that we said we would
    All the broken dreams
    Take everything
    Just take it away
    They can never have yesterday

    Yes Its true. The memories that we've built will never ever be rubbed away from our mind.

    We are Sampat Gang.
    A family, which gives you warmth and love you need.
    We are together.
    Strong bonds, we'll never ever be apart.
    We are young.
    But we know the true meaning of LOVE.
    We are one.
    One unit, no one can ever break us apart.

    I love my family.
    They gave me the most memorable and most precious experience of secondary school ever.
    A part of life which I'm sure I can never find again in the future.
    They were always there for me no matter what it takes.
    They've got my back!
    I've got theirs'.
    They are my heroes!
    I'm theirs'.
    I love all of them and they love me too.

    Monday, October 27, 2008


    Since last monday till today, I can see the effort and improvements made by my classmates! Bravo everyone! Everybody have shot their very best to the top! We are no.1!
    They take this thing seriously like I do. They showed their true passion to the class!
    Great job everyone!
    And thank you all so so much!
    Hope that every drop of sweat for this show will worth it!
    Let it be a moment of truth! A long-term memory!
    Let the photos do the talking alright?

    Practice session at Centrestage

    Brother sui and chun wei

    My lovelys who had been doing a great job!

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ... where's 8?

    worm is hiding behind... no wonder her face looked so small...

    Big sis and bro-in-lawshin and bev


    worm, kate, ash, bev and yaw
    Kate, Ash and bev

    Jia Xin, Bev, Worm and Kate

    *both of them look so doink!

    Look better in this!

    Bev and Yaw

    Here's the funny one! Two bamboos together and look at pohli's face!

    shin, bev and yaw( what was he trying to do? )

    us again!

    After the practice which ended at 2 something, we went to have lunch at Secret Recipes!

    Son of the boss is around so we don't have to worry so much!

    Me and Yaw

    Look at them, they just love my shades! Camwhore with my Channel baby!

    Look out! Beyond~~

    Another girl stole my baby to camwhore!

    Me and Chuieng

    Me and PangYang

    Chuieng and Poh

    Me and Yi Hong

    The Cutest Girl Alive with 2 personal bodyguard

    After our lunch, next stop is Pohli's house! =P

    Kate and Bev

    Look at another perasan girl with my oh-so-hot Channel

    Last pic before I left

    Saturday, October 25, 2008

    My secondary school is reaching the end point.
    I have to say I don't feel like graduationg now...
    these 2 years of secondary school in 5s5 has made my life even more interesting.
    Our graduation ceremony is of course closing.
    Everybody's preparing for the show.
    Including us!
    From the beginning of the preparation, I was worried that some of them will not co-operate well with me. Some of them are shy. Some are just playing a fool.
    But everything came out well!
    Beyond my expectation! Now, I don't want to expect them to perform like professionals but I want them to perform to tell everyone who they really are.
    This picture has showed my mates efford on the preparation for the show.
    See them move!

    Ahh, there's not much time left. So might as well we take some pictures as our memories huh?
    Look at us JUMP! (or me?)

    Most students in our school said that my class, 5s5 has the most pretty girls!
    Is that true?
    Yes Indeed! Every girls in my class are TOP leng lui!
    There you go!

    And I also think that my class has the most handsome guys!

    Physics teacher.

    Biology teacher.

    See the happy faces !

    That's all for this post! Stay tune for more pictures! Haha!
    Graduation is on 31st October.!

    Had dinner at Tony Romas

    Well, daddy owe me a birthday dinner. So we had dinner at Tony Romas in The Gardens.Overall I give it a 4 out of 10. Nothing really about the steak except the fried steak. Never tried one before eyy? =) The baked potato also not bad. But still its incomparable with TGI Friday's and Chili's. TGIF's New York Sliced is the best steak ever! After the dinner we had a Birthday Lava for free. TR gave me as birthday present lah...

    Friday, October 24, 2008


    Well, we had graduation show rehearsal.
    Everyone in my class was doing really well during practice.
    I expected everything to be great.
    And expect a great rehearsal.
    But after all, it wasnt that good.
    I was exhausted! Staying back at school for 3 days just to teach them.
    I don't want to be looked down on others since there had been a case where misunderstandings and uneasy situation occur.
    I want them to be outstanding, to be remembered.
    I want them to be good! Its our last performance in school.(for some are first)
    I want it to be memorable...
    But yes! after thinking about everything had happened...
    I found that this show will be the most memorable moment of all!
    Everyone's involved! That's what I wanted after all!
    All my sacrifices will be worth doing!
    Time flies!
    Remembered the time during form1, I was the girl everyone knew.
    Know why?
    I was so bossy and fierce!
    You know how much i hate for being like that?!
    Still it was a part of my life.
    This has made me better person!
    I got no super memorable moments during Form 1, 2, 3.
    Until Form 4, I started to find precious friends in my life.
    I found happy moments everywhere.
    I found my precious! Sampat Gang.
    8 of us had been together alot.
    Our relationship grew closer this year.
    They are true!
    There's this super handsome 'leehom', super talkactive worm, super cute kate, super cool pohli, super shoulder evonne, super "lady-like" chuieng, super big head shin.
    All of them are my super best friends! BFF!
    And lastly I gotta intro myself! The super laughing machine! :)
    Somehow, I really do wish we would still remain the same ol' sampat until we are old.
    I've never find such good friends!
    Being with them is being myself! - The hyperactive one!
    I don't have to hide myself.
    No mask! haha!
    They make me the now me!
    Thank you!
    After graduate doesn't mean goodbye forever right?

    Monday, October 20, 2008

    Performance and Richee&Richard's birthday

    So 11.10.2008, Saturday, I went performing at centro klang.
    Its some sort like a charity show, for "single parent" foundation.
    So as usual we danced our 'DaYi'.
    Everything wasn't that good actually...
    When I prepared to meet Evonne and others at Flavors i saw amber so took a pic lah...

    0.o bev with Amber. Owh my make-up! Perform ma...

    Fan dance.


    After the performance I went downstairs for Richee and Richard's birthday celebration.

    Im not that close with Richee but Im like super Good with others. lol.

    Before we took picture... Our conversations are as follow:

    " Err... Richee, you know who am i isnt it?"

    "Yeah! Of course! There there the Rm400 de..."


    Sweet smile both

    Final pic! *ki-chak~