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    Monday, January 26, 2009


    Its not typo. This message is all over for this festive season!
    Indeed, this year is the year of ox, after rat.
    And NIU is the chinese pronounciation for ox!
    And meanwhile NIU sounds exactly like NEW!
    So we'll just make it more special this year.
    Instead of wishing everyone
    "Happy Chinese New Year",
    I'll just tell you,
    Wishing every family members, friends and readers out there
    a prosperity and wonderful new year!
    There will be good luck ahead!
    Enjoy this festive season which eventually alot of people will fall sick after consuming too much of new year cookies, mandarin oranges and "Bah Kua"... Hehe!

    Saturday, January 24, 2009


    What is going on?! Everything between us is getting confusing and difficult!
    Saying empty promises just make me so disappointed...
    It didn't happen only once not twice but 3 times already...
    Just say you couldn't make it... that's all, just so easy, don't have to promise anything.
    Telling other people something which I didn't want you to tell...?? Why did you do that?
    And yes I'm sorry sis, I didn't tell you about my stuff, I made you feel left out I assume?
    But I don't think you know everthing behind this... Sorry.

    Friday, January 23, 2009

    heart broken + disappointed

    Why do guys say things that they dont really mean it? Why not just dont promise???At all!!

    Saturday, January 17, 2009

    China Trip

    Howdy! I went to China last year, 27th December. My family 5 of us and two of my aunty went together... First day, reached Hang Zhou at night, so we straight away went to the hotel and have a good night sleep... So basically, it was the secong day, we went to visit some hot spot in hang Zhou...

    Tea house of their no.1 tea, Long Jin Green Tea.

    Lol! We were supposed to reach SuZhou earlier and visit the SUZHOU MUSEUM but however we were a bit too late and they were closed already... We just took some photos outside.

    This should be the forth day if I'm not mistaken... We went to visit Han Shan Shi. Its a very popular temple in China... The place was amazing... There's alot of red ribbons hanging around trees. And those are some sort of "Wishing Ribbons". Lol.

    Then, the next day, we went to Nan Jing. Nan Jing was located in the North.

    This is the Nan Jing City Wall which is around 100 years older than The Great Wall.

    Night time= Shopping time

    In Nan jing as well, we went to visit Chang Jiang Bridege which connects the north part of Nan Jing and south part of Nan Jing. This bridge is China people's pride because it was the first iron bridge built by the Chinese people themselves.

    Another spot in NanJing is Yu Hua Tai.

    Then, we went to WuXi. The first spot was the movie land. They just called it as a place like Hollywood. Shan Guo Cheng. Its the place where a lot of China movies did shooting there, including The Dynasty Warrior.

    We got to board on a ship tour. The ship was made out of wood. Just like the old ages when Dynasty Warriors' story began.

    And the ship we boarded was "Zhou Yu"s ship. Our family surname! Haha! Nice isn't it?

    Next day, we moved again... Seem like we were changing places everyday! It took us at least 1 and a half hour to move from one city to another...

    Here comes the favourite city of the entire trip! Shanghai! Its beautiful! This is Old Street Of Shanghai. If you watched Mission Impossible 3, starring Tom Cruise, you will definitely seen this place before, at the last part of the movie.

    We took a night cruise in Shanghai as well, look at the night scenary of Shanghai! I love it so much!Guess what?
    It was the New Year's Eve when I was in Shanghai.
    Actually everyone was exhausted, my bros and mom didn't get to go to the last spot of the day. They were celebratin new year's eve. There was fireworks, people.
    So basically, it was like every single people in Msia was crowded in KL at once. And that is SCARY!

    This is Song Ai Ling's cemetry.

    Ah...~ The Pearl Tower of Shanghai. It looked more attractive at night with the lights on.

    After looking around the Pearl Tower, we visit the wax museum. They talked about the history of Shanghai.

    Random shot.

    This is the old phone.

    Second last day, we went back to Hang Zhou again.


    Night went to watch a show about Hang Zhou.

    Last day in China...

    Its like the biggest bell I have seen.

    Throw coin to see if I was lucky enough..

    This is the place where myteriously
    they found some bamboo which is
    square shaped. (The cross-sectional
    area) And its true!

    Had a walk...

    Beautiful dusk again...

    Ahh... As I said Night= Shopping time. It was a outdoor place. And as we were walking through this booth. We found those interesting clay people. The artist craft out my brother's face on a piece of stinky clay... just like that! Cool! Look like him?That was it... The trip ended with shopping... ;) Definitely will continue to visit every place in China! Haha!!