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    Thursday, February 26, 2009

    PHOTOgenic? =D

    Call me Twilight fan.

    This is the time when I feel free!

    Reading my fav book.

    Forget about all the negatives.

    Just let everything go and smile for a sunny day!

    Look at yourself in the mirror! Build your confidence! =D

    Wednesday, February 25, 2009


    25 February 2009

    Today, the "Mega Yakin Crew" (Caleb, me, Kelvin, HaoJie and AhKeong) went to our old school, Kwang Hua to give out flyers. It is to promote our centre to KH students.

    In fact anyone here who is interested to take English class is welcome to join Mega Yakin Tuition Centre! They are your teachers, they are your friends! =D I'm sure you will never regret joining Mega Yakin for English tuition! I can assure you that!

    For more information, please contact:

    Pusat Tuisyen Mega Yakin
    28, Tingkat 1, Lorong Kasawari 4,
    Taman Eng Ann,
    41150 Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

    Ok, back to the topic... So well, we gave out flyers at the main gate of KH for around half an hour. Like always, apparently I was the one and only girl who can join them everytime! So, I kinda turn into a "guy" already.... And I'm their "Heng Dai" but not "ji mui"! Gosh! I'm a FEMALE, guys! =.=''

    Then, the centre treat us to lunch. We went to Jusco to makan in a restaurant which I forgotten what is called...

    Well, I was the only one who didn't got belanja cause I was with my friends! Caleb, remember! My NZ Natural! haha!

    Yea, so I met up with Ian today for lunch and hang out... And met his friend Andy. =D Everything was fine except for the boys who were disturbing and annoyed me alot! Urgh!!
    That was the day....

    Tuesday, February 24, 2009


    So, last Thursday and Friday, me, nicholas, wendy, siok li and wei keong attended a workshop in Damansara. An institute called IACT. It was about Mass Communications, Graphic Design, Multimedia D, Advertising, PR... It was fun.
    The lectures there were all really cheerful. They made the class full of laughters and it was not boring at all!
    By the way, we actually watched a lot of TV ads from other countries. Well, I'm impressed cause the Tv ads here are not that effective and they are lame. The TV ads from other countries make people cry and laugh. They made good use of emotional appeal on people... There was alot of stuff to learn.
    The workshop actually last for 4 days but I only joined them for two days.... :(
    Well, I missed the haunted room and the live band concert and speeches and fun stuff on Saturday....

    I'm broadcasting live from IACT! =D

    Sunday, February 15, 2009

    Im glad that they are happy!

    Yea, it was valentine's day on saturday. As most of you know it was also Yihong's birthday that particular day. The next day was Worm's birthday however.
    So we the gang gathered at Bukit Tinggi to celbrate the 18 year old's birthdays!
    Yaw was trying very hard to light up the candles... LOL

    Look at them blow their candles off.

    Strawberry Delight. I love this very much!
    Umm... Present from the SG! I'm glad she loved it! We made specially for her!

    Me with the birthday girl!

    She's my love! Don't get jealous CS!

    All of us who joined on Saturday.

    The grrls

    The boiss

    And the Sampat Gang, 3 of them missing. I can accept that of course von is in NS, Kay with her hubby for V Day... but GSC???


    Rose~ I forced CS to buy that. keke!
    Me with my beloved er jie!

    Birthday again.....?

    One more birthday!
    3 birthdays in a weekend...
    Pack together that was why me and yaw was so busy and "Pek Cek"!
    (btw right? this is her favourite colour! GREEN!)

    Saturday, February 14, 2009

    happy happy this that!


    Friday, February 13, 2009

    happy birthday!

    Happy Birthday to my Sexy-licious Rawring BFF!
    Now is officially 18 and this is what she had been waiting for!
    13 years of friendship and counting....
    Love you always SHer!!
    Be Sexy and Fashionable all the time!

    Present Hunting!

    It was quite a busy week for us. This weekend, 3 of our closest friends celebrate their birthday. On friday, today (13/02/09) is Sherlyn's birthday! She is the girl who i know for the longest time. We met each other in kindergarten when we were only 4 years old I guess... ? Saturday, Valentine's Day is Yi Hong's birthday! Our dai lou... And lastly on Sunday is Wormie the Da Jie's birthday!
    So me and yaw went to a quest on wednesday to hunt for presents! We went Sunway Pyramid. We went all the way there by KTM... the KTM was not punctual at all... !! Hmmph!

    Oh well, I'll have to wait till Sunday and tell you everything about the 3 birthdays! Hahah!

    Picture of the day!

    Tuesday, February 10, 2009

    Sampat Gang Forever

    It's been about 2 months since the last time we had our maximum laughters together at school. At our own corner. Yes, we are the Sampat Gang. I can imagine how our days were. I still remember how happy we were, being together. 8 of us are like the super duper power glue which sticks together every second and forever. We talk we share we laugh we cry together. We did our revisions together. We sat in a circle when we had our chit-chat session during the class, not paying attention to teacher's teaching... But however, life still has to go on. It's impossible for us to stick together forever and ever like that even though we are still a great family. 3 of us went on with their studies in Taylor College while another one of us went to National Service in Kuantan. The rest of us, 4 of us are sitting at home doing nothing and complaining about how bored our lifes are... We don't get the chance to hang out together that much anymore like ol' times. They are busy with assignments, homeworks, assignments, homeworks...!! Crazy! We live far away and the one of 'driver's is studying and another one is at Kuantan. So, can you imagine how hard is it for us to come out together at once. How I hope I can turn back the time and let it stay there forever and ever. We were young kids enjoying our lifely "childhood" without any complicated thoughts about which direction I should go next? Dilemma...
    Aiks aiks aiks....
    Good luck my sisters and brother!
    I love every single one of you no matter what!
    From your sister, The Thermos Laughing Machine

    Monday, February 9, 2009

    CNY report

    HAPPY "Chap Gor Mei"
    Which is also the last day of CNY. The 15th and the last day...
    And sorry for taking so long to post up a new one since the last...
    Well, it was CNY so I had a break! TeeHee!
    Let me tell you about my CNY then...

    CNY's eve-
    This is the time when everyone will gather at their hometown to have chinese meals together. This is the time when we can see some of our relatives who we don't see often... We went to Ah Ma's place for lunch that day. Mom had already prepared some vegetable and meat dish. After the lunch and chit-chatting session, we went home to get some rest. Time for dinner! We brought Ah ma to Klang for a reunion dinner in a restaurant in Setia Alam. The food was great! Yee Sang, Shark fin soup, abalone... :) Since we're not going to "bai bai" like the others (cause my ah gong just passed away last year) so we went to my aunty's house in Jeram to enjoy the CNY atmosphere where there is Fireworks and other CNY stuff...
    CNY Day 1-
    Of course this is the day we should all be at grandma's house. We bought vegetarian rice and ate with ah ma. Its some sort of "law" saying that we have to eat vegetarian for half day on the first day of CNY. Then, visiting visiting to relative's house. And, I went to Chia Seng's place at night for his open house. Had buffet dinner... We were quite bored so we decided to jump over to Kelvin's house a.k.a Casino to gamble! Kakaka! CNY is the only time of the year when we can gamble... Right? No luck on the first day... :(

    CNY Day 2-
    This is the day when my aunties will come back to ah ma's house... We used to have our lunch at home but this year we made some adjustments. We had our lunch at restaurant. It was fun. It was better that we don't have to trouble the ladies to cook and wash up the dishes and woks and stove after cooking... Then, gamble and gamble again with cousins. We went home earlier cause my friends ajak me to go visiting again... But I couldn't really remember who's place we went to cause there was too many places we went to for the whole week!

    CNY Day 3, 4-
    Same ol' same ol' visiting... LOL! Bunch of friends' houses lah...

    CNY Day 5-
    I went to KP's Mun Xiang Lou Restaurant for a buffet dinner. It was my aunty's some sort of CNY. Went there and had a quick dinner. And then I jumped over to Pohli er jie's place with the gang. After only like 30 minutes my cousins babe called me up to invite me to sing Karaoke with 'em. Alright then, since I didnt sing for quite a long time... We reached Centro Klang's Neway KTV around 10.30pm and started singing till midnight 2.30am. That was the first time I was out enjoying my time till late night! Reached home around 3am and of course that was it for the day!

    CNY Day 6-
    Ooh hoo! This is the like the greatest day of all throughout the week cause Sampat Gang had the chance to reunite again after graduating and not having time to meet up... But unfortunately, we didnt take photo that day... Well, we met up at GSC's house. Evonne and I were late for almost an hour!! So malu... Sorry lah guys... Then start visitng from one place to another again!! The last stop was WC's house and I love her house cause it was the only place which brought me some gambling luck! I won loads of money being the host of the game a.k.a "Zhong gei". However my 50bucks flew away in the last and final round of the day...

    CNY Day7-
    After enjoying myself gao gao for the last 6 days, I felt totally bored at home for there was no place for us to go already... For the college boys and girls had to finish their assignment before the school starts again. However some guy named Matt ajak me out that day for Starbucks. He went to a open house near my house... After that, the fun started here... My 2nd aunt arrived at my house with plastics and boxes. We had a steamboat party that night for everyone in our family (daddy's side). Me and my brothers helped the women to prepare everything. While waiting for our "guests", we started the steamboat first as our tummy were already craving for food after all the hardwork! After the everyone was satisfied and full, we managed to start gambling AGAIN! and that day I had luck as well. Teehee I won a little though... Funny huh? I had been losing since the first day but somehow I got my luck back on the 6th and 7th day. Haha!!

    After CNY Day 7-
    Monday, 2 Feb 2009, everyone had to work again... So days went back as usual... Only that me, wendy and siok went to aeon Bukit Tingging to grab a present for Birthday boy, Nicholas. It was his birthday on the 3rd. We had chinese cuisine for lunch in Bandar Baru Klang. I was glad that he love that wallet alot! haha! At least we didnt waste our money something that he wouldnt like right? =)
    Till today, Chap Gor Mei, the last day of CNY already. I had heard a lot of Fireworks throughout this 15 days and this is what CNY is all about! Noise~ Wait till next year's CNY again! =D

    *Moo~moo~moo~~~ throughout the year!
    Good luck in any future undertakings to all!*
    So here's some photos I took ...
    Dinner at Setia Alam.

    1st day of CNY

    Oh, I was happy seeing her after she went for NS for one month.

    Evonne, my best mate

    My Oh-So-Vintage look


    Lay Yin, the hottie + clever

    Can you imagine, at such young age they already starting to say "I don't want to be with her friend..." Gosh... Kids these days...