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    Thursday, April 30, 2009


    Oh gosh.... I went for Orientation Day in INTI just now.
    I was being such a good student though.... Was late cause of Mr.Joker and we left earlier cause it was so damn boring. I didn't know a thing they were talking about. And one more reason was I had to go for rehearsal!!! Argh Tired....
    So in the end I was kinda wasting my time in INTI. I rather stayed at the studio with the rehearsal... =.=
    Uhmm well, guess what? My time table is soooooo looooooose. Am going to study only 3days per week. HAHA!!!
    Well, the actual first day of college is Monday. So waiting till Monday... :)
    See ya INTI students!!! hahaha~~~

    Wednesday, April 29, 2009


    Hey Guys!! I am Officially student of Inti College Subang Jaya! Haha!
    Like finally after 5months of "Rest" since SPM, I am going to college... Lol.

    Friday, April 24, 2009

    Upcoming Hot Stuff!

    Am attendin the Music Man 2009 concert on the 2nd May.
    Men In Tutus ballet show on the 9th May.
    We are paying that much of money to watch MEN dancing ballet in Female's Tutus!!

    Thursday, April 23, 2009

    Random Thursday. XD

    Finally I fulfilled my promise towards Sue Jean. I felt so bad for not going to her centre to be her model. I canceled it last minute for like twice already? But this week I told myself not to do that again! It's rude... I went to Sense & Style with Jean for her to practise her make up lesson. Well there you see. The make-up artist and me. Nice ae? I love my brows! She corrected my brows man! Love it!
    Gosh... I look so mature in this picture. Do I always look that mature?
    I'm 17++ not 18 for your information...
    Pohli Bamboo called me up during the make-up session. She drove Avonna to my house to chit-chat and just hang around. Obviously she can only do this when she finished her exams. Then, ChickEN called her saying she was hungry. She picked us 3 up at my house and headed to the nearest place. Klang Parade. Haven't been lepak-ing here with the mates since this place has already become a lepak place for Lalas-Sihams...
    the Bam.

    the Chick.

    the Little Girl. AVONNA.

    Me, Bam, chick and Yihong had dinner at Da Tuan Yuan. Then headed to Jusco to get someone's birthday present. And find TAN PANG YANG ( my Book arh )

    That's all for now...


    Wednesday, April 22, 2009

    Love for the Earth

    It's Earth Day babeh! Celebrate earth day by lending a hand to the earth. We are the ones who live on the earth so we are the ones who are responsible to protect and care for the earth- our home. Why take part in this wonderful awareness campaign to make your home a better place.

    All you need to do is remember to do something which will not harm the earth.
    ~ Switch off unnneccessary lights or electrical appliances in your house.
    ~ Turn off the tap when you're rbushing your teeth. Letting the water flow down the basin like that is a WASTE!
    ~ Bring your own shopping bags while shopping for groceries. I mean avoid using plastic bags for small stuff like sweets, a bar of chocolate or even a mineral water.
    ~ Use the both pages of a paper. Don't just dump it into the bin when you used only one of the pages.
    ~ Plant more trees and floras so they are able to make our air fresher!
    ~ Bring your own water tumbler to school so you don't have to buy mineral water from 7eleven that often.
    ~ Pick up whatever rubbish you see on the floor.


    It spells. " R E C Y C L E"

    Tuesday, April 21, 2009

    pricy stuff

    Ooh Hmm...
    Have you ever tried a RM68 congee?
    Went to Canton-i in The Gardens for dinner with family.

    Sunday, April 19, 2009

    Sunday Report with li'l bro

    OohHo! Its Sunday. And I'm at home. Online. Bored. Made Ham+Mushroom Cocktail Sausage+Scramble Egg Sandwich for my little brother. And.... Chiang chiang chiang!!!! All he helped me was to make the kitchen messier, dirtier and kelam-kabut. And he even forgotten about my sandwich and left it in the oven till its hangus!! So I had left was only half of the sandwich. Sad... Mess, Trouble is what he does the best ya bro!! I know i know...

    Tons Of Fun!


    Last friday me, Sher and Wendy went to 1Utama. We met up the boys in Damansara Utama for breakfast but eventually they were late! Lucky I suggested 10a.m. or else I think we girls have to wait for them till the evening? Urgh well, we had Nasi Lemak which I think is freakin' expensive and not THAT DELICIOUSSS. No matter...
    The boys went to college and we girls headed to 1u.
    First stop- Craft Heaven. Bought my stuff and there goes our window shopping spree! Haha!
    We were there just to spend our Friday wisely. Lol. Not at home...
    We went to almost every shop we can see just to try out the outfits. Sher's Idea... Hehe!
    And I found it fun doing that though... Haha!
    Comment on the outfits! Haha! I need to buy outfits for college soon enough.
    vintage poppy dress on me;
    Pink halter neck top on Sher.
    F21Grey colour One-piece.
    I love this!!!!!
    What do you think?

    Jeans Dress on me;
    Halter neck top again on Sher.

    Then we went over to "Kei Tak Shek" (cantonese)

    Since I love Mango so much,
    I ordered
    MANGO LOH.....

    Get what I mean?
    I love MANGO LOH...

    YA LOH.... This is a nice pose weii.
    Then, it was Sher's favourite activity of the day!

    Neo prints!Lucky Sher was there to do all the Decorations.
    She guided me through it cause she's the Pro and I m the noob.
    Since we bought our movie tickets, we had to rush after Neo prints session.
    See? It's not windy, but we were basically running to the cinema !! hah

    And finally we reached!
    We watched He's Just Not That Into You
    The movie isn't as interesting as I thought though...
    My ratings 4/10

    But at least I get to see some HAWT actors and actresses I like.
    Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Anniston, Drew Barrymore and Justin Long.
    Nahh, I wouldn't recommend anyone to watch it though....

    So, we continue with our window shopping after the movie.
    Miss Selfridge

    I basically ruined her picture! haha!
    Little Miss Naughty

    We also went to everyone's all time favourite fast food restaurant Mc Donald's for ice cream.
    McFlurrrrrry! Oreo.
    Me and Wendy's fav!

    And Sher had Mocha.

    Look at the clumsy little girl!

    Wendy sent me home and they went for dinner together while I follow my mom and brothas to visit grandma in Sasaran. Had our dinner there.
    And Oh how I love their poodle.
    Cuddly little creature.

    Until then...


    That was like the WORST game ever! Gosh! Arsenal vs Damn Blues. 1-2 It wasn't suppose to be like that until Fabianski made that oh-so-awesome move! Gahhhhh pissed! >.< '''

    Saturday, April 18, 2009

    Sneak peek

    NaHaha! Sneak-peek for the upcoming post!
    Don't go awayyy..!

    Wednesday, April 15, 2009


    100 TRUTHS

    001. Real name : Beverly Chew Yih Yian
    002. Nickname(s) : Fishball (primary), laughing machine (F4+F5)
    003. Age: 17 and 6 months
    004. Zodiac sign : Libra, the creative one
    005. Male or female : feeeeeemale
    006. Elementary : Ba~~ Marry had a LITTLE LAMB
    007. Middle School : SJK (c) Kong Hoe
    008. High School : SMJK Kwang Hua
    009. College school: Belum enroll lagi.
    010. Hair color: Silky Black
    011. Long or short: Long
    012. Loud or Quiet: No one knows me of being quiet i think?
    013. Sweats or Jeans: Definitely my Levi's Jeans babeyy!
    014. Phone or Camera: SE Cyber-shot
    015. Health freak: Nope
    016. Drink or Smoke?: Haha! Anti-smokers and I cant drink
    017. Do you have a crush on someone: Not really.
    018. Eat or Drink : I enjoy the luxurious delicacies ;)
    019. Piercings : 2 each one on each ear.
    020. Tattoos : None. Not allowed even tho I wanna tatt my mom's name hahahah!!
    021. Social or Anti-Social: Social
    022. Righty or lefty: Righty

    023. First piercing: 4 years old
    024. First relationship: ?
    025. First Best Friend: Sher, the wicked witch.
    026. First Award: Err, gotten too many awards lahh..
    027. First Kiss: Masih secured dengan saya.
    028. First Pet: 2 little tortoise.
    029. First Big Vacation: Either Aussie or Korea lah.
    030. First Love at first sight: err... 2008?
    031. First Big Birthday: 1 year old gua?
    032. First Surgery: few years back. For my braces thingy.
    033. First sport you joined: Volleyball?
    034. Orange or Apple juice: Juicy Orange!
    035. Rock or Rap: Rock on babe! Rap is so lifeless. Sry lah sher. oppo XD
    036. Country or Screamo: Country
    037. NSYNC or Backstreet boys: Backstreet boys
    038. Britney spears or Christina Aguilera: Britney spears
    039. Night or Day: Windy Day
    040. Sun or Moon: Moon
    041. TV or Internet: Internet
    042. Playstation or xbox: According to bro, Xbox lah.
    043. Kiss or hug: Both
    044. Iguana or turtle: turtle in a big big pond which is clean everytime.
    045. Spider or bee: OMG! My worst nightmare is SPIDER! but pls lah i also bitten by bee several times.
    046. Fall or spring: Spring
    047. Limewire or iTunes: Limewire
    048. Soccer or baseball: Soccer!! Woohoo!

    049. Eating : nothing
    050. Drinking : water
    051. Excitement level: 5/10
    052. I'm about to : get nagged by dad if i dont do my chores now.
    053. Listening to : When you're Gone
    054. Plans for today : its wednesday. I've got Japanese class.
    055. Waiting for : mom to come home.
    056. Energy level: 8/10
    057. Thinking of someone: no one lah.

    058. Want kids?: oh dont want hyper-active ones.
    059. Want to get married?: Uhmm...
    060. When: 10 years later.
    061. How many kids do you want: Plan that after I got a high-paid job. teehee
    062. Any names on the mind: Nahh, not gonna reveal it.
    063. What did you want to be when you're a kid: 1st Lady PM!
    064. Careers in mind: urghh....?
    065. Mellow future or wind:Mellow Future
    066. Something you would never try: Smoking.
    067. When you want to die: After I enjoy enough gua?

    I assume this is talking bout my ideal guy.
    068. Lips or eyes : When you look me in the EYES...

    069.Romantic or Funny: Romantic
    070. Shorter or taller?: Taller
    071. Protective or Caring: Protective
    072. Romantic or spontaneous: Spontaneous
    073. Nice stomach or nice arms: Both
    074. Sensitive or loud: Loud
    075. Hook-up or relationship: Relationship
    076. Trouble maker or hesitant: Nahaha!
    077. Muscular or normal: I love the bod of Jason Statham! Smokin' HAWT

    078. Kissed a stranger: err... No...
    079. Broken a bone: No
    080. Lost glasses/contacts: Contacts selalu happen to me.
    081. Ran away from home: Nope
    082. Held a gun/knife for self defense: No lah.
    083. Killed somebody: Hell NO! Or else i'll be in the jail kan?
    084. Broken someone's heart: Oops I did it again? HAHA!
    085. Had your heart broken: Uhmm, I hate him! =P
    086. Been arrested: Nope
    087. Cried when someone died: Yea
    088. Liked a friend more than a friend: Von

    089. Yourself: Yes
    090. Miracles: Yes
    091. Love at first sight: Yes but it didnt work out well.
    092. Heaven: Yes
    093. Santa Claus: 50/50
    094. Sex on the first date: NO that's for da bitches!
    095. Kissing on the first date: Tak tahu lah ni.
    o96. Angels: Yes

    097. Is there one person you want to be with right now: No
    098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life:Yes
    099. Do you believe in God: Yes
    100. Post as 100 truths and tag 10 people.

    TAGGED by miss sher, going to tAG:
    Caleb, Evonne, Ian, Amy, Sue Jean, 5 more volunteer lah k?

    Tuesday, April 14, 2009

    Not a Nagging lahh......

    Oh ho ho. I know some people who don't appreciate their parents. I know some people who complains about how "nag-gy" their parents can be. I can feel that its better for them to leave their parents as soon as they could.

    I say "Who said so?!"

    Ahah! My daddy is the best in this whole wide world. Even though he could be very very naggy all the time. But you should know that this what parents do best! They could be very strict sometimes. But you should know this is for your own good. If they don't stop you, who's going to? Hmm...

    Nahaha! Not here to talk crap... I'm not a parent yet so I won't nag here. But my dad was in a good mood earlier today. He took 5 of us to Osaka in Bandar Baru Klang for dinner. Aww man I was thinking, "Damnit! I don't really eat japanese food lah weii!! ".

    In the end, I enjoyed the most of the food served, except for Sashimi. (Uhmm, I know many people loveeee it, but I can't handle the cold raw meat in mouth like that. I'll try to get used to it.) The best dish of the night was KoBei Beef! (costed us the 50% of the total bill!) Aww man! That was the best beef I had ever tasted! The tender meat, it just melt in my mouth! Felt like as if I was in Heaven. Urgh not that bombastic...

    Oh other than that, there were some stuff like Sushi which they called as Maki. I would recommend you to try the Black Dragon Maki. Nice! And Klang Maki as well. One more dish was Salmon Volcano! Not to forget, Scallop as well. Well, I don't remember the name of that dish though. Yum Yum Yummy~~~ Sluuurrrpee!

    Well, sad case, I was too addicted to the food and the process I totally forgotten about pictures! Don't worry! I will TRY to remember that next time I go there. Well, I'm not sure when is the next trip... Haha!

    And hey guys, do remember that Mother's Day is just around the corner! Have you prepared a present for her? If not, do visit sometimes, (few days later) for some cool and fancy mother's day gift! In progress lahh... Haven't post it up.

    Friday, April 10, 2009

    You're Mine!

    Not exactly mine though... Ours to be exact.
    My mom fell in love with this little toy poodle since she saw one in my cousin's house.
    Brown colour.
    Ain't this little fella cute?
    *Evil smile*
    I traded with my bro. I iron his uniform so I can name the pup!
    Tifa? =)

    Dad, you'll bring home this little fella back home for us right?

    But however guys, I'm also in love with Maltese since I saw it! Cute lah pup tu! But it cost much much more expensive compare to poodle man! Gosh. Dad would definitely choose poodle instead! =(

    But nevermind... Both them are cute as well!

    Wednesday, April 8, 2009


    Tell me, what would you do when you're broke? When you spent all your pocket money and didn't get more from your parents? Aha! Yes, I'm sorta "Broke" in the sense that I spent almost every single penny in my purse. Then, I didn't ask for more pocket money from daddy. Hmm... So, I decided to "shake" out all the coins in my piggy bank since its full.... though its not piggy physically. Hehe! Woohoo~ look at that! Cukup tak?

    My task to collect them all and kira how much money there is... Hehe!
    hari-hari suck coins from me! Which is good.
    Habit of saving money!

    Earlier last week, I went to E's house to buat our crafts.
    Then, we decided to go Kamdar to buy kainsss.
    After that, we go opposite the road to buy SLURRRPEEE!
    Mine tasted better lah E! Yellow yellow dirty fellow?

    This one also last week lahh...
    Went to the cemetery to "visit" grandpa
    Ooh~ The sun was HOT man!
    Burnt my skin!

    Monday, April 6, 2009


    Hey isn't this a nice quote?
    Well smokers its better if you don't smoke indoor especially places which are air-conditioned. You are hurting other people man! Stop it!

    Ok, it's not about smoking of health. Nothing is actually related to that in this post. I had performance in Sunway Pyramid. Like usual we as the Big Jie Jie have to reach the place earlier than other dancers to rehears first. I went there with Amy. Thanks babe! C.Kei was in the car as well. We reached there 10minutes earlier and no one arrived yet. So we went to the ladies. Since it was still early, Amy decided to "Shock-Sendiri"lah. Hah! I am always the one who has the camera. So here comes my handy cam working!
    Yo girls work that expression!
    I was suppose to act shocked but seems like I was in pain??

    Alright, alright that's enough of SS photos. Went back to the stage and met up with T.Sin and others. The rehearsal and spacing was bad real bad! hrmmm....
    Here are the girls.
    CK, W.Jing, C.Yueh, Amy, Bev, TS
    Honestly, pyramid's toilet didn't smell that good but somehow we managed to stuck in that place to ...
    After the performance. Everyone was sweating like uurggghhh!!~
    But like finally it ended!
    The host of the event was someone you guys might know?
    Lam Tak Weng?
    Any idea.
    Look at the pic lahh...

    Got the idea right?

    So after everything's done. We left the stage and decided to cari makan well, Ms. Gan promised to let us claim our makan money! 6 of us were suppose to eat together but Amy was in a rush so we didn't join them. Three of us, Amy, CK and me myself went to Asian Avenue to makan Korean food and that was my first time. Hmm.... I ordered to Rice Cake with Cheese actually but it was too freakin-super-duper hot and spicy and I couldn't handle it. Me and Amy changed lah. How kind of her... Thank you!
    Here you go.
    The Hot and Spicy Rice Cake with Cheese.
    It looks really really nice outside right? But inside its EVIL~~
    It kills....!!

    Then, kind-hearted Amylene offered me her rice which was called something in Korean but I can't remember. Its like some mixed vege with rice and their sauce and some beef. It was alright. Haha! Waiting mom to bring me to somewhere else to makan Korean lahh...

    THE END.


    Friday, April 3, 2009

    blog u should visit!

    Hey mates! Feel free to visit us at
    We make creative crafts to make ones life more colourful!
    Hope you'll love it my friends!