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    Friday, August 28, 2009

    chop chop get ready!

    Look at the beautiful sky and breath~~ Yes! I'm going to Pulau Tioman again tomorrow. Woohoo! I can't wait for it. It's going to be so much fun cause this time dad managed to ajak his friends. So there'll be 29 of us! Yeahhh~~ Will only be back on Monday. Hari Merdeka. ;)
    xoxo Bev

    Tuesday, August 25, 2009


    Last Friday night was awesome! Went to my brothers' house for party! They are the best brothers I can ever have. Han Chun and Marc! ;) Han came back from UK about 3 months ago, and he is leaving for Canada coming Thursday. He'll be there for 2 years for his studies. Other than that, Marc is leaving for UK again to continue on with his Master. Hmm.. they won't be around anymore and that is not fun at all. They both are the big eaters. Hehe! They finish all the food when there's extra. Wish the best of luck to both of you!!!

    Han Chun and myself.
    Of course not to forget my lovely hamsap cousin lor. Kai! Always my manager! XD
    Ah, the Ooi brothers attended the party too! Glad to see them! Cause the last time I saw them was during Transformers 2 the movie. Hmm.. All the fun brothers are leaving... ? Lol. Both Euveng and Eugene are leaving to China for 2 months. Good luck to you both too! Do not forget to buy me souvenirs! *grins*

    Marc managed to buy a bottle of Absinthe! Well, people like me (do not drink) surelah don't know what's so special about it. It is historically described as a distilled, highly alcoholic (45%-74%ABV) beverage. 74% of alcohol man?!?! I can't imagine how they managed to swallow that killer drink. It's naturally green in color. No additives added. Well everyone who drank it has that weird face written "Gahh~~ I need ice!" Haha! They said it tastes like listerine. Hey it looks like listerine too!
    "Has everyone took a glass? Ready??" Poof! Champagne dah open. Everyone get to drink!
    Yes yes I totally agree with Eugene's expression. It tasted .... Ummm BAD. Oh well.
    Guess what? I had my first real alcoholic drink that night. *angelic face* All thanks to Jasper, Kai's friend. The fella who drank nonstop and vomitted in my aunt's toilet. But still can drink like mad! Woof~ He saw me sitting there quietly with the *angelic look* so he shouted "Oi! Kai's cousin! you have to drink with me!" He pushed me a Vodka. I was so panicky cause I seriously I swear, I never drank before lor... Han also cannot help me.
    So *gulp* my first shot of Vodka! Down my throat. burning~~~~ Gahhh! My mouth, my throat, my stomach was burning. C'mon that was Absolut Vodka Blue Label. It has 40% ABV man! After that shot, I went to the kitchen, filled my tummy with WATER! I needed water so badly. Phew, finally I felt better. Haha! Well, most of the people there was asking me the same question over and over again. "Bev, you drove here?" "Bev, are you OK?" ^^ Thanks guys!!
    Hmmm now,
    Question for you: What is the fun part about parties?
    My answer: Camwhoring!!!~~~~ LOLOLO
    You can never leave a party without taking too little of pictures.
    You can never say you took too many pictures in a party!
    You can camwhore with whatever gadget you have! even dslr! haha!
    Dramatic ones.
    Repeat camwhore again.
    I bet every single person who attended enjoyed the party. Right? Had so much fun watching people drink like mad (one shot one shot down!) and of course camwhoring with dslr!
    Need to get one for myself in the future! XD
    -Thanks to EVO for all the wonderful pictures!-

    Thursday, August 20, 2009

    We're Gonna Go Dancing!!

    So, I attended this performance yesterday. It was in ASWARA. It was organised by Japan Foundation, ASWARA, JCDN and Embassy of Japan in Msia.
    There was 4 dance piece altogether and seriously, I didn't get a thing from the dance. I didn't get the meaning of the whole dance. Haha! I was sitting over there. Stoned.
    But at least, I didn't waste money lah haha! it was FOC! hehe!

    Tuesday, August 18, 2009

    Sampat Cupcakes!

    Calling all cupcakes lovers out there! I'm making cupcakes to use my holidays wisely. Haha! Yian Kay came over to my house to make ourselves pretty little cupcakes today. Will be doing alot of other food these days. Cookies, Jellies.... Haha! Or else I'll facing the laptop all day long. That's not a wise move.
    Our vanilla cupcakes turned out in a lot of "races" but in the end, inside they are all true Vanilla Cupcakes.
    *Make a wish upon the shooting stars. Make your wish upon my colorful sprinkly deco!*
    After adding some food coloring to the buttercream and sprinkled some colorful deco and hearts. There you go! Our very own cupcakes. Let me think of a name for the cupcakes... Why not call them Sampat Cupcakes?! haha! ah well, these two cupcakes here are specially made for the soon-to-be Dr.Chin Min Ai. Her favourite color. Green~~
    We were having loads of fun decorating the cupcakes! Well serious speaking, the butter cream are toooooo sweet! Well they should be sweet though.
    Before that, we were missing alot of important ingredients lah! How can you call it a kitchen when there's no salt and sugar. I couldn't find sugar and salt in mom's kitchen and I had to grab some from my cousie's house nearby! LOL!
    TaDa! Look at all our Sampat Cupcakes! Eh don't think it looks good on the outside only. They taste good too! Ahh~~ haha!
    Well of course not as good as some place like Starbucks... @.@ LOL! At least they are presentable and edible. Hehe! Wanna grab a bite of it?

    Monday, August 17, 2009


    Kogetsu at Saujana was a nice place. Nice surroundings, nice interior, nice services. But food wasn't as good as Osaka in Klang. Our all time favourite Japanese restaurant! We went there for buffet lunch lahh.. Wanted to try lahh... But turn out they makan-ed us a 100 bucks for the beverages itself! Damn nonsense! XD


    MTV WORLD STAGE!!!!!!!!!!
    I gotta tell you! That night was AWESOME! Every performance was damn good. But I have to say ALL AMERICAN REJECTS was the BEST OF ALL! OMG! Followed by BOYS LIKE GIRLS and HOOBASTANK! Alright. I'll chill and leave all the high-ness at the back.
    Ahh, so I followed Caleb's car to Sunway on Saturday. I was already high in the car. The moment I got into the car. I was high already! Blame me for that. Yea cause I was going to MTV WORLD STAGE man.
    I had two more extra tickets so I decided to give them to Zuu and Fion. Zuuu was desperate to get the tickets but too sad she couldn't get it.
    EXCITED! We met up with cheryl girl inside. When we got in it was ESTRANGED's performance. Didn't enjoy it. Well, I didn't know any of their songs mahh.
    Then, the party started with BOYS LIKE GIRLS on stage! ARHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! That was it! that was it! Everyone was screaming the hell out for them! I was screaming the hell out! And they actually sang LOVE DRUNK as their first song! Was so damn excited! I love Love Drunk. "I used to be love drunk, but now I'm hungover. I love you forever, forever is over!"

    Then then then!!!!! THIS IS THE PART!!!!!
    *Grab hair scream and shout and jump and run everywhere!*
    ALL AMERICAN REJECTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were SUPER DUPER UBER DAMN MEGA FREAKING DAMN BEYOND-WORDS-TO-DESCRIBE-AWESOME! Ok ok. I'm back. Making it wayyyyy too much. But they were BOMB! Their performance was the best! They basically sang every favourite song of mine! "I'll keep you my dirty little secret. Don't tell anyone or you'll just be another regret. My dirty little secret. Who has to know?" You just had to be there to get the FEELING!! Right guys???? We were all moving along and singing along with the beat!
    After AAR, alot of people left. We got ourselves better spot. HEHE! And the last performance was KASABIAN. Well, I didnt know much about them.XD

    That night was tremendously AWESOME! What else can I use to replace AWESOME right now? Ahhhhhh!!! Was my second concert and I'm still loving it!

    I'm so waiting for more BLASTING Concerts so I can scream my lungs out again! SCREAM TILL I HAVE NO VOICE I DONT CARE! Just wanna have fun!

    "I wanna I wanna I wanna touch you! You wanna touch me too!" *its wayyy better than Mariah's Touch My Body~~~~*

    Chao peeps! Have fun imagining the concert with all my high-ness in this post! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! SCREAM AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    day out

    Adrian flew to USA already. Nicholas and other seniors will be flying very very sooooooon too! So GOOD LUCK Ya'll!
    Well, last Wednesday I went out with 'em since Adrian's going off. =(
    We makan-ed in The Cave in SS2.
    Then, the fellas decided to eat ice cream in Sunway too since they got themselves free vouchers.

    Oh we watched G.I.Joe too! Was awesome-nesssssss! Ahhhh! WAnna watch it again. hahah!

    Sunday, August 16, 2009


    Friday, August 14, 2009

    MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia!

    You See That?! You See That?!
    *Running and screaming in a circle like a mad dog!*
    Ahhh! YES.
    This is it! Tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tuesday, August 11, 2009

    Girls day out

    I finished my final exam on Friday. But the girls had Moral Studies to sit for on Saturday. I went to Subang to meet them up then we headed to The Gardens to celebrate! We finished our first semester, we finished our exams, and it's 3 weeks of break! We planned to shop and lepak till night time, but the whole plan was ruined by me. =( sorry...
    So, we reached The Gardens around 2 something. Bought our movie ticket and headed to Mid Valley for lunch. We went to Delicious.

    We watched The Ghost of Girlfriend's Past. It was boring. If you have watch The Proposal, well don't think about watching it. =)

    Now this is funny. Fion was figuring out how to use Pepper & Salt. See the look on her face! Haha!

    Some Salad with Smoked Salmon.
    Cabonara Spaghetti

    Four Cheese.
    So damn cheesy!
    Chocolate Sundae.
    The best!

    Of course we camho when there's cameras around!

    After lunch we made our way to Topshop! Cheryl's favourite! Time was limited so we didn't try out any outfit. Plus, we had to wait in a long queue to try out outfit man! It was a Saturday. It's definitely not outrageous for something like that to happen in MidValley on a Saturday.
    This is part where I ruined everything. Argh! I had headache when we were in MV. It got worse when we got into the cinema. I wasn't feeling well at all. Halfway, I felt like vomitting. Urghh!! I went to the toilet but nothing was coming out. The whole movie was like torturing me even though the seat was terrific! After the movie, nothing changed. Well, we went home after the movie because of me. Umm then, I actually puked in Fion's car. Not as in her car. I puked in the plastic bag! HAHA! That night was terrible. I couldn't sleep well.

    Ahh, nothing like that will ever happen again I promise!