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    Monday, February 25, 2008

    Arsenal vs Birmingham

    Oh it was a game between arsenal and birmingham!
    Sounds like a piece a cake huh?
    Well.. the first goal was by birmingham... though arsenal aren't afraid of this! haha!!
    WOOHOO!~ Walcott two goals in a row!! Its you!!
    After that... birmingham got it again! another goal which make it a draw!

    Thursday, February 21, 2008

    i can't stop thinking of you!! haha!

    Wednesday, February 20, 2008

    is it really you?

    I've fell so deep for you! Don't you realize that? Its so hard to express my feelings to you... Is it true about all the things you told me? All about you are a new guy now... not like the older days? I would trust you with all my hearts...because I've already fell so deeply... I fell for you since the day i first saw you... What can i do now? The thing i can do is to wait... and waiting doesn't feel good! Have you ever waited for someone you really loved? Well... let me tell you.. it really doesn't fell good! It makes your day become dull... It makes your colourful day become colourless as in just plain ol' black and white... I don't want the waiting days anymore... I don't know what to do...

    Friday, February 15, 2008


    Fireworks, creating beautiful scenaries, so colourful, it brings happiness to all...

    Sadly, it doesn't last long... It was quite after a while... Everything ended at that moment, no more happiness...

    She's doing it again,What did my family ever do to her? Does she have to do this?

    She's the worst B***H i have ever met! Crazy woman crazy mind crazt thinking!!

    I HATE her!! I don't have respects for her cz she doesn't deserve respects from me! She's just some stupid SH*T!

    Like mother like daughter huh? Just like her clone! Treat them invisible is the best way for me as they treat me invisible!

    Saying that my mother is a handicapped?! My mom can't afford to buy a car for herself? What the hell! My mom is a healthy lady! I bet she's much more healthier than u!

    That is our own business! A gift for my mom is just a gift! What's wrong with it?! You don't have the rights to comment on this! SHUT UP!

    We'll see will you give a house as wedding present to your daughter maybe? OMG! That's worse! Worse than my mom, the handicapped one, who received a car for her wedding present!

    You want to kill us with posoned words? C'mon what did we ever do to you? I bet you life is misearable huh?

    Yea, creating new stories is fun, huh? Creating stupid stories to ruin one's name? Having you this B***H telling stories to my grandma about my mom? Having my grandma to think that my mom's a evil witch?

    More stories? Having you saying something not who i am? That's way too much! Don't you ever dare speak in my face again! I HATE YOU!

    Your such a loser! Its really miserable to be in your life! Wish you will never find a way back and be as miserable as you are right now!


    Wednesday, February 13, 2008

    to the guy who come out suddely from nowhere who melt my heart

    There was so many people,
    I stood in the middle of the crowd,
    Feeling the heat around me,
    But inside I feel so cold and lonely...

    I headed to the door,
    I looked up,
    I was stunt,
    I can't move instantly.

    Standing by the door,
    A guy shinning towards me,
    Holding his mobile in his hands,
    He looked so familiar.

    Have I met him before?
    Where? When? How?
    Questions spinnig in my head,
    Who? How?

    She came foward and talked to him,
    I stood beside,
    Found out that you're special,
    Really special.

    I looked at you,
    You're ain't that perfect,
    But you're perfect to me,
    Everything of you are perfect.

    Now we know,
    You have a nice name,
    I would keep that in mind,
    Now I can feel the heat again.

    You were quite,
    Just sat there, listening,
    I wanted to start,
    But from where?

    We sat opposite each other,
    I peeped at you,
    And you did that too,
    Did you?

    The night had come,
    It was time,
    We said our goodbyes,
    And goodbye then.

    It was just the first glimp,
    But it is still so deep in my mind,
    Just like a scar,
    So hard to get rid off.

    Think of you,
    The special one,
    Is what I do,
    Everyday and nights.

    Waiting, thinking, wondering,
    When would you appear again?
    Appear in my sight,
    Not just in my mind that i can think of you.

    Waited for so long,
    You sent me this message,
    Which made me fly!

    I was that glad!
    It was what i'm waiting for,
    You appeared again,
    In my sight and in my heart.

    We talked for so long,
    I will never be bored,
    Cause I love it so much,
    But I don't know why.

    You told me so much,
    Do you feel the same for me?
    I wondered...

    You tell me more,
    Tell me all about your true story,
    I am stunt.

    You said you're a new guy,
    A better one,
    You're telling the truth you said,
    Because you told me.

    Is that true?
    What you said to me are true?
    Why do you want to say so much?

    Somehow I know,
    This is two person business here,
    I am prepared for this,
    Either good or bad, but please make it easy.

    I look up in the sky,
    Once again,
    The shinning stars,
    Lead my mind and heart to you.

    I am crazy in LOVE,
    In love with you,
    This is the first time,
    I never had this feeling.

    Thank you,
    Bringing me this feeling that i'm waiting for,
    I wouldn't forget this,
    Forever stored in my mind......