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    Sunday, January 31, 2010

    Crapology is my new word!

    Define CRAPOLOGY:

    It is the study of crappy stuff spoken by people nowadays. The person who is expert in this field is called CRAPOLOGIST.

    And I think I’m one of them! Among a lot of crapologist I know, I am the least talkative crapologist.

    Anyway, yesterday was a fun and interesting and meaningful and memorable and exciting and tiring day for me! First of all, it was Richard’s and Benjamin’s birthday! Our president and VP’s birthday! Happy Birthday guysss!

    Had class in the morning and then had dodgeball meeting with the peeps!

    DSCN5356 DSCN5357 DSCN5359 DSCN5360

    Just look at our very adorable peeps in the meeting! =)) Join us for dodgeball alright!!

    Then, then, then I went FTZ in Asia Cafe, which is a Cyber cafe with the Left 4 Dead (L4D) maniacs! That was the first time I stepped into a cyber cafe! In my life, I have never been to one! Ever! “Gosh, bev, you have not live man!” lol.

    Now, here’s the highlight of the day! Boys Like Girls Concert! Sponsored by Nokia! =) It was the launch of their new phone, Nokia X6. It was FOC weih! omg! It was their 3rd time in M’sia! They love M’sia!

     18680_295727483199_716263199_4560667_3385036_n 18680_295772018199_716263199_4560878_5696869_n DSCN5362

    We got lots of free Ribena as well! It all started with some Malaysian band and a singer from Hong Kong which I have forgotten his name! BLG was the highlight! It was the bomb!The fans were screaming and shouting for them! I was one of them!!! We were dancing and jumping with the music!


    They sang all their hit. Love Drunk, Five Minutes to Midnight, Two is Better Than One, Hero Heroine, Thunder and The Great Escape as the ending! Anyone who doesn’t know Five Minutes to Midnight, try listening to it! It’s really really nice!

    DSCN5370DSCN5366 18680_295737113199_716263199_4560736_6113068_n 18680_295756478199_716263199_4560839_1806827_n 18680_295756558199_716263199_4560844_6703691_n DSCN5371DSCN5374DSCN5369

    I had lots of fun during the concert! I enjoyed every moment of it. Btw, did I mention that this was the 3rd concert I’m in with Zuuuu? Woots!

    After that, we went to makan makan at Murni @ ss2. That was my first time there, and they sure have a lot of varieties. Haha! Special this and special that. lol.

    Anyway guys, its 2.04am! I need sleep! Woke up early today to do springroll for CNY with the family. I shall blog more about that tomorrow then! =)

    <3 “Beaver”ly

    *currently listening to Love Drunk! I used to be love drunk but now I’m hung over nanananna!*

    Wednesday, January 27, 2010

    she bailed…

    I’m drowning in boredom right now… I’m free from college today. and I know I have to study for the upcoming test/quizes but somehow I just can’t focus! I studied a lot last night though…

    DSCN4842Was suppose to be out with this young beautiful lady today to go shopping! But but but but but … she bailed. =(( haihh… If not, my day would be better. I wouldn’t be complaining right now! AHHhhhhhh!!

    *scream out loud*

    Monday, January 25, 2010

    Oh-60’s Retro-rientation Night

    After weeks and weeks of preparation and organization for this wonderful and amazing night, it rained. Super potong steam! ~~ Grr… It was all set. But the sky turned dark and water droplet started to fall… Not good not good. We had to move everything back to indoor and it was so late already!

    DSCN5202 DSCN5204

    Anyway, still, everything went on smoothly. And we have these two “charming” young men who dressed in white shirt with red tie to entertain us!

    DSCN5217 DSCN5216 DSCN5207

    Someone will always be the joker!

    DSCN5243 And this is the stage we set up that night. Billions and trillions of thank you to Jaren! =))

    DSCN5245I was so happy because the first act of the night have already amazed the crowd! It was my cousin, Pinky with her modern mask changing! I shall post up the video ASAP.

    So, after the Mask Changing, we had a lot other performances by outsiders and our very own Inti students as well. Machi performed too! (Video coming up!) Melvin the geng beatboxer won the Talent Show and our lovely Pearl got the Audience Choice Award with the most cheers from the crowd!

    DSCN5277 DSCN5285DSCN5226  DSCN5241 DSCN5282There was one act of the night you can’t miss! Boyce did “pants on the ground”! (fr american idol) He was the entertainer of the night! We shouted for him as if we were some crazy fanatic of his!

    DSCN5296 And this CHARMING young man with red tie is Ting Guo Yi a.k.a Ting Ting or Guan Yin who had been a great partner in helping out. He is amazing with last minute jobs lah seriously…

    After the Orientation Night, its camwhoring time!



    DSCN5302 DSCN5303


    Baldies can be really cool too! =)) Wesley Loh & Vincent Chew make good baldie friends! The cousins kept me laughing with their bald issue!

    DSCN5320 DSCN5321DSCN5322DSCN5324 DSCN5323

    Get what I mean?

    DSCN5334 How could we forget these two VIPs? Richard and Peiwen have been working very hard to make this night successful! Great Job guys!DSCN5335

    Hmm… Did you guys smell any 60’s  Retro so far? No worries! I shall bring you some 60’s smell right now!

    DSCN5341 DSCN5339 DSCN5307 DSCN5308 DSCN5316 DSCN5309 DSCN5219 DSCN5218

    Few of the committee with the Afro Hair! =)) Rock it guys! So… now there’s a little taste of the 60’s eh?

    18480_285308953199_716263199_4516063_5761910_n Congratulation AUPians!