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    Wednesday, July 30, 2008

    Chelsea vs Malaysia at Stadium Shah Alam

    Tuesday, 29-07-2008. Me and my brother joined Evonne to Stadium Shah Alam to watch Chelsea vs Malaysia football match.
    I made my decision last minute and luckily there's still tickets left! That made Evonne so happy that she wouldn't have to be the only girl. And we both could high together!

    I was so excited! That was the first I'm gonna watch it live! I got to see world class player! Though I'm so not a Chelsea fan. I'm fan of Arsenal!

    Traffic Jam... The stadium was crowded. That was the first time I saw Stadium Shah Alam so beautiful! Never once I saw they turn on the lights. So, we got into the stadium and found a nice spot where there's no need to crowd with peoples and its absolutely a great view from there.

    Everyone of course shouted and screamed when the players came to the field. It was awesome! I got to see world class football player man! How I wished they were Arsenal players. I will be mad by the time! Hah! And as for Evonne my enemy, she hoped that they were ManUnited...

    Joe Cole is so darn handsome! He's charming! Check out the poster! And I saw Ballack too! He didn't play in the match he was doing some warm-ups at the side. I dont know chelsea's player well. Just know the few of them. And Peter the goalkeeper is so so tall!

    It started off well. Then there was some injuries occured.

    In the 1st half, Chelsea scored one goal as well as the 2nd half. Making it 2-0. Sad Malaysia didn't scored but I'm sure they did their best! I saw they were quite good. The goalkeeper had blocked off a few balls from going into the goal. And Malaysian also had some chance to score. Our nation team's defend was great! But attack wasn't good enough. Keep the good work boys!

    Someday you'll make it into the world class football team ya'll!

    So, everyone screamed and cheered whenever Malaysian got their feet on the ball! Cheering! Malaysia Boleh!

    That was a great experience and I want to do it again! Next time its gonna be Arsenal ya'll! And I'm gonna be at the Grand stand the next time! Woot!~ If they aren't coming to M'sia I'll go to England!~! I promised Evonne I'll accompany her to ManUnited's match she as well promised me to come with me to Arsenal's! Thanks vonnie!
    Here are the camwhore part! =) enjoy!

    As though we are Chelsea's No.1 fan...

    Look at the crowd!

    SunDay- Pavilion

    Woot~! Dad decided to bring us to pavilion!! I was so happy cause its been ages since the last time I went shopping! So we reached there around 10 something. Had our brunch at Carl's Jr. *my fav!! delicious burgers!!

    After that daddy brought us to cinema to check out some new blockbuster. Brother made the decision so we watched The Dark Knight. I thought it was going to be violence and mentally disturbing but then its a MUST WATCH MOVIE this season! Anyways I was quite scared by the Joker's scary looking make-up. Eeww... But overall, I give this movie a 8 out of 10! Check it out!

    Thenbefore the movie started, me and mummy went shopping while daddy and li'l brother went walking around doing nothing. Fyi, its megasale! This is favourite part when I shop! SALES everywhere! I got quite something at a reasonable price. I spotted a little tube dress from BEBE. Tried it on, and fit me well! Mummy bought for me! The best part is that the ori price of this particular dress is rm529 and I bought it at only rm199! Lovin' it!
    Besides, we too spotted sales at levi's. Its like so hard for levi's to have a discount on their items. So we went in. Yay! Bought another jeans! This time is skinny! Levi's Lady Style!!

    As for mummy, she bought a pair of platforms from lewre. Wow! This pair are rocking HOT! Malangnya, my big foot can't fit my mum's size. She wears size 6/7 and I wear size 9! Ouch! Makes me hard to find suitable shoes.

    After the movie and everything we went petaling jaya for duck rice. My all time favourite!

    Tuesday, July 22, 2008

    10 hours SkorA workshop

    Venue: University Malaya, Dewan Kuliah

    Time : 9.00-6.30 pm

    Date : 20 Jun 2008

    I woke up at 5.38am! All because of evonne my alarm!! Prepared and ask mummy to send me to school. Before that, I wanted to buy McD for breakfast but Kp's McD wasn't open for bussiness yet. So went pasar pagi to buy breakfast. I reached school at 6.50 * early- on time*

    Someone just broke his promise to join our SAMPAT GANG. Forget about it!

    Back to the topic,

    Reached UM and registered all those thingy... The Dewan Kuliah was so big! And OLD! I thought this is UM, the place should be quite glamourous but Its so Not! One of the chairs is broken that's why I'm so far apart with vonnie...

    Everything started with Karangan Bahan Rangsangan then breakfast, Komsas, Lunch, Tatabahasa, Tea-break, Rumusan. I enjoyed the karangan and rumusan but as for the komsas and tata? Oh the teachers are so boring! As if they are talking to themselves!

    Yay! Time to go home and Im gonna practice for Saturday's performance. Found our bus, got up, Just as we reach the entrance of UM, the freakin stupid bus broke down! We were STUCK! We all were so Pissed Off! Waited at the side of the road like beggers, a little child who has no home, nowhere to go...

    This has brought us to a break down situation which I don't want to mention here...

    Finally the engine started, we headed back to Klang and went for dinner with the grrls. We had McD. Yummy!~ anything was delicious for us at that moment. We were hungry like hell!

    Vonnie and Pohli went to my house chit-chat... Back home... Sleepy time...

    Pictures we took that day...

    Thursday, July 17, 2008


    (I) I feel like falling apart right now. A lot of things changed... Since I broke up, we seldom talk to each other... Yes, yes Spm is near but this doesn't mean we can't talk right? Now, I can't really fit in. You changed. As you don't talk seriously anymore. All the words out from your mouth are with sacarstic tone. You don't speak like you mean it anymore... Is that true? Or is it me who is feeling weird here? You were a great friend to me. We talked heart to heart. But now, whenever you start talking makes me uncomfortable, makes me feel as if I don't know anything. The only thing I wish for is the last times we had...

    (II) Everything has changed... I can still feel your warmth around me but its not the same anymore. Its cooler than ever... Its not as warm as last times. Its not as bright anymore. But seeing you are happy everyday makes me feel alright. With laughters and loads of funs! May be I just feel lonely and left apart these times... That's all... I really do wish we could really chill out together like ol' times again. Those times are times when I feel happy and free since he ended the relationship with me.

    Wednesday, July 16, 2008

    You Are Going To Die!

    Who's gonna die? That would be YAP YONG YAW!
    No more mercy!
    Let me tell you, he actually is the naughtiest boy in class!
    Bully me huh?
    I dont think he knows me well, cause he's so gonna pay back after doing these to me!
    Now, here's the thing. We sat next to each other. He started everything by hitting me over and over again! I can't stand it! So I might as well just use the old fashion way, Pulling Shoe Laces! Wahaha! That's childish right? But that's what our ji mui taught us to do...
    This is the fun part! He actually took off my shoe as return!! Oh my god! He did it twice! The last time was when school over. He took my shoe everwhere around the class and made fun of me. Everybody was looking at me. What a joke?! Tomorrow he's not going to school but it doesn't mean he could run away from everything!
    I will still do anything I can this time. (I haven't do the most evil thing on earth to him!) But this time, Listen up YYY, you wont step out of the school with your pants on this Friday!!!

    Monday, July 14, 2008

    colourful life, enjoy.

    Just ENJOY

    8 cell phones + 5 digital cameras

    This is what you got in 5s5 with

    8cell phones + 5 cameras!

    Monday, July 7, 2008

    I Am Still Happy

    Thought I couldn't live without you.

    Sunday, July 6, 2008

    Better In Time

    It's been the longest winter without you
    I didn't know where to turn to
    See somehow I can't forget you
    After all that we've been through

    Going coming thought I heard a knock
    Who's there no one
    Thinking that I deserve it
    Now I realise that I really didn't know
    If you didn't notice you mean everything
    Quickly I'm learning to love again
    All I know is I'm gon' be ok

    [Chorus:]Thought I couldn't live without you
    It's gonna hurt when it heals too
    It'll all get better in time
    And even though I really love you
    I'm gonna smile cause I deserve to
    It'll all get better in time

    I couldn't turn on the TV
    Without something there to remind me
    Was it all that easy
    To just put aside your feelings

    If I'm dreaming don't wanna laugh
    Hurt my feelings but that's the path
    I believe in
    And I know that time will heal it
    If you didn't notice boy you meant everything
    Quickly I'm learning to love again
    All I know is I'm gon' be ok

    [Chorus:]Thought I couldn't live without you
    It's gonna hurt when it heals too
    It'll all get better in time
    And even though I really love you
    I'm gonna smile cause I deserve to
    It'll all get better in time

    Since there's no more you and me
    It's time I let you go
    So I can be free
    And live my life how it should be
    No matter how hard it is I'll be fine without you
    Yes I will

    [Chorus: x2]Thought I couldn't live without you
    It's gonna hurt when it heals too
    It'll all get better in time
    And even though I really love you
    I'm gonna smile cause I deserve to
    It'll all get better in time

    Wednesday, July 2, 2008

    Part Of My Life-Disappeared

    A break up.
    Never wanted this to happen.
    Who wants?
    A distant which ia way too long.
    I could handle it.
    Why can't you?
    But what the hell?
    As long as I have my friends around.
    I'm totally fine!
    I am tough and strong.
    It's not goodbye forever, I hope so.