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    Sunday, December 27, 2009

    Finally after two years…

    It was Christmas Eve when we got to meet up with Rachel after two years! Do you know it’s been another year again? It feels like it was just yesterday when we graduated from secondary school. Time flies!


    We met up at MidValley and had dinner at Madam Kwan’s. Had a little chit chat with her.

    19373_220107681842_728316842_3344607_5210523_n   19373_220134016842_728316842_3344716_4056262_n 19373_220216421842_728316842_3345067_5624079_n  19373_220186816842_728316842_3344821_7681743_n



    Long lost brothers? haha!

    19373_220313951842_728316842_3345207_3402339_n 19373_221492341842_728316842_3350395_136552_n

    And I thought my brothers were erm straight. *erhemcoughsclearthroats*

    After that, we went to Sunway Pyramid for Christmas countdown. Will upload more photos on that soon. =)) Stay tune peeps!!!

    Saturday, December 26, 2009


    Hung out with my loved ones on Wednesday. We watched Avatar at TGV Bukit Tinggi. After that, we went to Boston for dinner and visited I-City.

    22159_214903362878_610377878_3081362_885601_n 22159_214903377878_610377878_3081363_3678176_n22159_214903327878_610377878_3081359_5020431_n I-City was decorated with Christmas decorations. Christmas mood was kicking in! =)


    They had a room full of “snow” and christmas deco. It was really nice.

     22159_214903707878_610377878_3081391_1930520_n 22159_214903617878_610377878_3081382_124710_n 22159_214903612878_610377878_3081381_4290293_n 22159_214903547878_610377878_3081376_6765775_n

    What else can I say? It was another memorable outing for us! =)

    Sunday, December 20, 2009

    Memories that can never be erase, memories that will last forever.


    When you are asked “If you have a time machine and the chance, would you go back to the past or to the future?”. I would go back to the past when we were still wearing pinafore during secondary school (form5 to be specific).  That part of my life has been the best to me.

    DSCN4962 DSCN4978

    After getting back from Genting Highland, Poh Li, Jac and me went to Pin Yaw’s  (Yaw’s brother) farewell party. I had loads of fun sampat with them again. We met a lot of new faces too. =) I hope that our sampat attitude didn’t scare them off. haha!

     DSCN4970 DSCN4977


    It was the first time meeting Yaw’s college friends. We were all shy. These are the shy and cheerful friendly people like us!

    DSCN4983 DSCN4982 DSCN4989 DSCN4994DSCN4998

    We all had a couple of drinks offered by Yaw’s parents. Wow, talking about parents, his parents are the bomb! They danced on the dance to get people into the mood of dancing! =) How cool is that huh.

    DSCN5004 DSCN5006DSCN5000  DSCN5012

    DSCN5026Well, we were kinda shocked by how can form 3 kids be so fashionble and “In” these days. We were so naive and simple when we were form 3! Gosh! They were rocking the dance floor too!

    After the farewell, we left for Station One in Bukit Tinggi to meet up YiHong. Then, me and Yaw fetch Jac back earlier. Well, that’s it for the day!

    More plans and events coming up! =) Stay tune peeps!

    Saturday, December 19, 2009

    Stuck on the highland

    Snapshot_20091219 Parents left us to roam around while they are enjoying themselves in the casino. My boring brothers chose to rot in the hotel room. There is no internet connection in the room. PSP out of battery. Ipod Touch needs Wifi to connect to the internet. Same goes to laptop. So to make use of my time precious time. I am here blogging… LOL… Bored.

    Thursday, December 17, 2009

    After one year, we have meet again.

    Every Tuesday used to be the day I look forward to every week. Every Wednesday used to be the day I talked about Tuesday night. This repeated on and on till its time to say “Good Bye” but not “See you next Tuesday!”.


    And now, we gathered again on a typical Tuesday night. Like most of the time I don’t see stars shinning above us. But, wind blew and it was cool. No heavy rain but it drizzled a bit.

    I drove my car to the place I go every week. This time, I went with a bunch of friends I haven’t seen for almost a year.

    Had my dinner at The Shepherdoo, Centro and chit chatted with them. I wasn’t really enjoying. I was sick… Everyone was still the same. Joyful and happy. How we used to be in the class.

    DSCN4933 DSCN4942

    DSCN4936We headed to our old place, Mega Yakin Tuition Centre. Everything remains the same. The posters we did last year were still there on the “Wall Of Fame”. Arrangements of our tables and chairs are still the same. DSCN4938 Gosh, how I miss those classes. We laughed and had fun most of the time. Chocolates was what we got when the topic of the day was chocolate. We had popcorns during movie time! I remember very well we watched “Wallace and Gromit”! It was fun.


    Now, this is the fun part! Since we are all almost of legal age now, Caleb started the “Class” with Sex Education: Chapter 1, Kamasutra. LMAO! ROFL! You see how fun can the class be?!

    I appreciate all the teachings and guidance. I love all the classes. I thank you for all the sacrifices. Now, its time for me to do it this time. I would travel back to the past just to attend your Tuesday class again! =) I miss those times.

    Tuesday, December 8, 2009

    I am not staying at home all day long wasting my time on the laptop! =P

    Thank God Poh Li has finished her SAM exams! Luckily, someone is finally free to hang out with me during this boring semester break! I can’t wait to get my ass back to college! Stuck at home doing the same thing all day long is stressful too!

    Poh and I went for a karaoke session at Neway Centro earlier today! It was my first attempt to go for a karaoke session with only one friend. Usually, we have a bunch of friends to go together. But, it was fun having only two of us in that room singing at the top of our lungs! The “SIAO” switch was turned on.

    I was glad that Poh was SIAO enough to sing with me! woots!

    Let’s do it again! That’s it for the day.

    Going to see her again tomorrow. With Vonnie my love! <3


    Another night with loads of fun!

    Or I should say a night which makes me cough again! oh my goodness. I just recovered from sick and now I feel like coughing again?! Geeeezzzzz!~~~~ Geram!

    I just got home from Benjo’s place. We had BBQ + Fruit salad party! haha!

    n335778375371_2266DSCN4906  DSCN4909

    DSCN4910DSCN4914 DSCN4917 DSCN4919

    Took a few photos only… Plus, I went home earlier.

    The picture of the day is……

    *drumrolls please* ~~~~~~~~~~~

    TaDa! Boon’s jizz face! Sorry boon. hehe! Ngek ngek!


    Well, the next picture is something random which I want to dedicate to Amanduh Quah! You gotta admit that his body his abs is much much hotter and sexier than that guy in your blog! WAHAHAH! HOT BABY! WOO


    *Claps claps* Its CHANNING TATUM! WOOTS