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    Friday, September 25, 2009

    Hot and Spicy Lunch I had

    Umm... I just came back from lunch. Dad brought us to this very famous restaurant near Klang's KTM Station for curry chicken rice. Its an Indian restaurant. This is also the restaurant Fion had been talking about all the time! The food is all served on a banana leaf, and we eat it with barehands(you can use fork and spoon though) But I chose to use hand. It was my frist time experience and it was kinda.... weird I may say.. LOL. But the curry is delicious! Plus, after eating it, you still can feel the Hotness of the curry in ur stomach~~~ It feels like the volcano is going to errupt!! My brothers and dad enjoyed the curry mutton. Btw, their keropok is very very nice too!!!
    Curry lovers out there! Must Try!!

    Wednesday, September 23, 2009

    Saigon aka Ho Chi Minh

    I was glad that Air Asia has improved so much. People always complained that Air Asia delays all the time. But not this time. For the pass two years, AA has improved alot. They actually reached the destination ahead of schedule. Reached Saigon in less than 2 hours! Their airport is new! It was built by the Japanese.

    First thing first, we got out of the airport, and all we saw on the road is motorbikes! According to my tourguide, the total number of motorbikes in Vietnam is 50% of their total population. Imagine that!

    So we went to visit this building which was built after the independence. Nothing much...

    The first night, we had our dinner on a cruise. Nothing special about it. We had our dinner and waited for one and a half hour for the cruise to start the journey. Boring...

    The second day was alot better. We went to the battle ground the Vietnamese and American used to have war. Vietnamese built underground tunnels and traps around that area.
    And my brother went into the tiny hole for hiding.

    Other than that, the museum was interesting. They have all the old guns kept there. And FYI, they have all the pictures of children borned in abnormal way caused by the Agent Orange used by the Americans during Vietnam War.

    Oh, if you didn't know, Vietnam coffee is one of the best coffee in the entire world! You really have tried it out. Its totally different from Malaysia coffee. Well, obviously, the way of drinking the coffee is different. Patience is needed for this.

    3rd day, we visited Mekong River.
    We went to the Fruit Island and we get to eat all the fruits there for free. But honestly, the fruits in Malaysia is wayyyy better than the fruits in Vietnam lah.
    Then, we sat on the little sampan to get to our big boat from the Kampung .
    We ate the famous dish in Mekong too. Some fish lah. Don't remember.
    Last but not least, I'll end this post with a picture of the crazy traffic in Vietnam Saigon again!

    Tuesday, September 22, 2009

    Viet, HCM

    Preview to what to expect next in my blog!
    Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.
    The city with the most motorbike in the entire world!
    Scary weihhhh~~

    Friday, September 18, 2009

    AUP Freshie freshie!

    "I guess I'm done packing my stuff for tomorrow's trip to Vietnam. My luggage is going up the cabin to save cost so gotta make sure I have no sharp stuff or liquid more than 100ml in my luggage." I actually wrote this part yesterday night before my dad came to nag about me online again....

    So, I'm actually blogging live from Saigon, Vietnam now! Cool! I'm staying at Kingston Hotel its not bad at all!

    Chill~ I'll blog more about Vietnam when I get back to home sweety home and all the pictures. (Damn I need a DSLR) Haha!!


    Yesterday was AUP Freshie's Gathering. I went to INTI all the way from Klang just for the gathering. Semangat much? ;) Haha! Freshies you just gotta appreciate man! (OMG,SSing here) Me and Zu took care of the game guessing booth! It was FUN! Zu, You just gotta admit that mine are harder than yours! Winnie The Pooh, Harley Davidson ... The sad thing was that seniors were more than the freshies! So there was only 2 people in a group for the station game. =( However, gathering was fun.

    Need not more introduction for the three girls here right?

    BenjoMIAO! (benjorawks in fact)

    Eric and Brian

    + Lyang Suan

    Oh, by the way, our President, Mr. Richard Tan took this picture for us and it made him turn emo for not being in the pic. So, the next so-called "section" is dedicated for him lah.
    Camwhore banyak-banyak makes everyone happy!

    After the Freshies, Zu, Benjo and me decided to watch Ugly Truth at Sunway Pyramid. But we didn't manage to get good seats. Instead of going home, we ate Baskin Robbin!
    I posted only some of the pictures here. Check out my facebook for more pictures!!
    p/s: I published this post only when im back in Malaysia. lol.

    Tuesday, September 15, 2009

    They Came From Upstairs

    Anyone who hasn't watch Aliens in the Attic must watch it! Anyone who likes cute comedy and cartoons like me must watch this! Movies get more interesting when there's Ashley Tisdale too! She, as always acts as the annoying sister who wouldn't believe anything her brother says. Similar to the sister in Phineas and Ferb in Disney Channel. Ashley Tisdale is the sound for the annoying sister! hahaha!
    Aliens in the Attic is worth watching guys!

    Monday, September 14, 2009

    Charity Dinner / Dance Concert by Centrestage Dance Academy

    Centrestage Dance Academy, Klang will organize a charity concert on the 20th of November 2009 at the Grand Imperial Ballroom, Centro Klang.
    The main objective of this charity event is to give aid to the TI-RATANA Children's Home. Other than that, this dance concert gives a chance to all the dancers of Centrestage Dance Academy to show their amazing talent on the stage.
    There will be all sorts of dance performance! Most of them will be performed by students of Centrestage and also chereograph by the teachers of Centrestage too! From baby ballet to adult ballet, from malay dance to chinese fan dance, from tap to contemporary. Name it.
    This is a charity dinner ticket/voucher that are purchased by the public will be donated. Each donation dinner voucher is RM100. Dinner is served by a restaurant at Centro Klang. Palace Restaurant will be serving their dishes while you enjoy the performance!
    Don't miss out this concert organized by Centrestage Dance Academy! I'm sure that you will enjoy all the performance!
    We dance to help the needy!
    Anyone who is interested can contact me personally or you can always contact our ppl in-charge for more informations.
    Thank you very much for your support!

    Karaoke session.

    Last Friday was my twin cousins' birthday! Their 12th birthday. They had a birthday party at home and they invited ALOT of friends and family over! They even hired a clown to perform. I didn't take alot of pictures cause I was busy chit chatting and helping out...
    After the party, me, cousins and the friends went for karaoke at GreenBox Bukit Tinggi. Guess what? It was 12am already and it was still jam! I can't imagine how bad the jam can be this Friday as Hari Raya is just around the corner.
    My cousin Kai was hyped when it was his turn to sing Jay Chou's songs. Simone, Haziq and myself.

    Marc (funny expression), Joan (who doesn't look like 17 at all! ) and the Karaoke kaki Renee

    See Guan and Kai being gay.
    We left the place around 3 am and we were wandering around the mall. Simone hoped into the trolley and Haziq was pushing her around like a baby. And that's Joan pushing Kai.
    I had a great time singing with them! Ending this post with picture of me and Ms. Renee Tay.

    Sunday, September 13, 2009


    Damn nonsense lah! I fell asleep while watching District 9! So i have no idea what the hell they were talking about all the long..... =.= Wasting my time ni..... eh nice meh??

    Thursday, September 10, 2009

    missing highschool

    Yes, I totally agree with Evonne. I miss the schooling days.
    When we were still naive.
    When we didn't have to care about anything.
    When we (I) were (was) daring enough to be rude towards the teacher.. ?!
    When we did whatever as we pleased.
    When we could skip class as we wished to stalk hot guys.
    All the memories we had in Kwang Hua are priceless. We skipped class during the last two periods to the canteen and bought ourselves Potato Wedges and Nugget! We sneaked out of the back of the laboratory and sneaked back in all the time. We would cover our face with textbooks when we were happily having Snack Party! I bet the teacher knew all about it and just kept quiet lah... Impossible for the teacher for not knowing we were eating at the back of the class right?
    In the middle of 2008, MSSD Basketball competition was held in my school. So we represented the Basketball Club to take care of the basketball courts. We were responsible for jotting down the marks, penalties, names of the players etc etc. We were all naive girls.... Our main purpose of being involved of this competition is not to get sexy tent skin. We were there to stalk hot basketball players! hahah! But, sadly, there were none hot ones of our age. So we had to stalk "xiao didi". How that is huh? =( Evonne managed to get some guys phone number though.. XD Well we all became "roasted pig" after that week. But it was fun!
    And and and, I remember how we took all the stupid pictures in class! We even wore specs to the school together that day. So we were like 7 nerd chic! Then we couldn't stop camwhoring lah. Well, that is bascially what we do the best! XD We even recorded funny videos of how Evonne and Chuieng made fun of themselves... LOL!
    Those memories were the best! Nothing else can be better than them I bet.
    I miss highschool.

    Tuesday, September 8, 2009

    Miko is part of my family! =)

    The winner is... MIKO! I saw this little pomeranian when I stepped into Amigo, a pet shop near my house. It is so cuddly and adorable. I fell in love at that moment. I didn't want to leave the pet shop at all. And me and my parents went there twice on Saturday itself. After that day, me, my brothers and mom were trying to persuade my dad to add him to our family!
    And today, 8th of September 2009, our wish is fulfilled!!!!!! The brown color pomeranian is part of our family now.
    I have to say, it looks rather like a cat if you do not see his face! HAHAHAH!
    Gahh, I love Miko so much!!!

    Monday, September 7, 2009

    charity concert

    Hello fellow friends! Centrestage Dance Academy will be having a charity concert on the 20th of November at the Grand Imperial Ballroom, Centro, Klang. Coupon will be purchased as a donation. We are giving hope to the needy. Posters of this event will be posted up here soon. I'll include more information with the poster in the upcoming post! Stay "tune"!

    My love

    I love this Pomerian aLOT! I just need to get my hands on him! He's way tooooooooo cuddly and adorable for me to ignore. But, its really expensive. Dad's searching for a cheaper one. ;) I fell in love with it at the first sight. Now I believe in love at the first sight. ;)
    btw, I will call it Russell!

    Sunday, September 6, 2009

    Crazy insane brainless heartless girlfriend's act

    Check this out and comment about it.
    I can't imagine how the hell can the guy stand his evil girlfriend. That is insane! Crazy woman. Doesn't she has any sense of humanity?
    I can't imagine myself hitting my future boyfriend like that! OMG. That is violence!

    Saturday, September 5, 2009

    time for a change

    I have always been a girl with silky straight boring hair. Ever since I was young. Then, I got bored of the same ol' hairstyle and decided to cut it shorter, to make a change to my look. Dad agreed that it was time for a change of hairstyle. And my mom actually cut my hair herself. =) Thanks mom!

    Eh, do I look younger or more mature? Lol. How do I look? ;)