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    Sunday, December 28, 2008

    1st day- China Trip

    Hello Readers!! Currently I'm in Hang Zhou, China! OMG! This is definitely a VERY luxurious trip!!
    I'm staying in a 5-stars hotel which is so damn chio!! =D I'm gonna enjoy my jaquzzi!! XD
    Hhaha! Okay just a slight brief...
    Today is the first day...
    Me and my family reached LCCT around 3.40pm. Oh geez... LCCT sucks! The air-cond doesn't work well.... The place is so crowded... We were sweating while checking in... Hmmph... Guess what happened after? Our flight delayed... :( It should depart at 5.30pm but the flight to Hang Zhou departed only at 7.00pm... How sad... Hmmph! Air Asia the low cost carrier- Now everyone can fly! Yea... It was lousy!! It smelled like pee! Eeww...~~~ We arrived at Hang Zhou International Airport at 11.35pm . Haha! Finally... this hotel, East Holiday Hotel made everything perfect!! Wakaka~~!! XD Alright alright... I'll upload the photos when i get back to Malaysia! Muacks~ Nights... 1.57am...

    Friday, December 26, 2008

    Penang Class Trip

    The day was beautiful and the sun was up. Everyone of us was waiting for this day! Our class trip. It was a trip to be remember. We got to learn more about each other better. We went to Penang on the 21st of December 2008. Here are some pictures!! Let them do the talking...
    I'm the pink girl and she's the green girl.
    It was the first day of the trip. And our trip was basically free and easy. We reached Batu Ferringi by noon and everyone was craving for food to fulfill their tummy. I called up my dad to see if there's anything we could get to fill up our stomach. There were several stalls of food but wasn't open for business. And as we walked on we found The Heaven of Food~~- KFC... Lol. We couldn't walk more.

    Us after lunch.
    So after that, it was time to hit the beach babe! The girls wore their bikinis while the boys put on their surf shorts. We even bought batik! Colourful ~

    Then the sun went down and the night had come. That was the time we light up some charcoals to start our barbeque session which we prepared ourselves. Having barbeque beside the beach, under the starry night. The feel is totally different from which we always did in the city. We sat on the sandy beach, feeling the cool breeze, listening to the waves hitting the shore... It was so romantic...

    Hmm... This picture... Get it right!
    Ring~~~Ring~~~ I was waken up by the door bell. I carried my heavy buttock up and got myself to the door. Everyone was still sleeping... =.= Sleepy ass!!
    It was the second day...
    We had a simple tour around Penang Island. 1st stop, the Toy Museum. The place was not bad. We got to see varieties of collections of toys. From disney pixar animation to japan anime.

    Sailormoon!~ was famous when I was young.

    Go go Power Rangers! Boys knew them well isn't it?

    Umm... Shrek. The Green...

    The Incredibles. Disney Pixar Animation.
    Evonne with her favourites part. Winnie The Pooh.

    Aiyy~~ Captain Jack Sparrow.
    After that we went to Kek Lok Si to pray. I donated a little money and got to hit the gong.

    Dinner time! In Penang, everywhere is the place to eat! Everything is delicious, succulent. Umm... Yummy. The Ice Kacang is specially tasty and they are famous for Asam Laksa which I don't eat... Hmm... I like the Muah Ji in Penang. It tasted amazingly delicious! Lol. And Kay kay bought us Fried Chicken Skin which was everyone's favourite. It was really tasty though its very unhealthy. But just once in a while... =)
    Me and Evonne prepared some cute stuff for them. Me and Evonne and Shin wore the Ruldolf band, Poh and Kay wore the Devil and Yaw wore the Santa hat.
    Nice family picture!

    It was time to go home.

    And we took the group picture when we reached Klang. Our home...

    Thursday, December 25, 2008

    Sorry readers! I was kinda out of mood to blog lol. But I'll be back in no time!~ cheers!

    Saturday, December 13, 2008

    My butt hurts! But I learnt a little about skating though... :)

    Wednesday, December 10, 2008


    I had been quite busy lately after SPM. So, I kinda forgotten that I've got heaps of photos which haven't upload into my computer. Since I'm uploading might as well just upload to my blog as well! =) Flashback to 27-11-2008. The day most of us finished our SPM. So, evonne asked me to bring camera to school. Lol.
    BA 022. Our exam room.

    Hey that day YYaw brought us Curry Puff! Delicious!

    Xia Shin



    Us with Khien

    Two siao po

    Got outta the exam room early

    Sampat Gang my family
    Evonne's Green table.( Green is not good is gross!) =P
    As always, I got shaken again... The feelings...

    Friday, December 5, 2008


    *Got tagged by Ian.*

    1. What's your ambition
    ~ To be on top of the world!

    2. Which is more important to you : Friends/Boyfriend/Girlfriends
    ~ Friends, no matter what, they'll be by your side supporting you!

    3. How often do you think of committing suicide?
    ~ Never!

    4. Do you think you have enough confidence?
    ~ Oh yes I do have!

    5. How many babies do you want?
    ~ Uhh... tough one... 2/3?

    6. What is your goal for this year?
    ~ To get thru my exam ASAP and I did!

    7. Do you believe in eternal love?
    ~ Why not?

    8. Do you want to change your real name?
    ~ Helelluyah yes I do!

    9. What feeling do you love the most?
    ~ agreed. being loved! *love is in the air~~

    10. What are your bad habits?
    ~ No I'm not gonna tell you!

    11. Is there anything you want to tell people who hate you?
    ~ So what?! I'm still a rock star! I've got my rock moves and I don't need you! Guess what? I'm having more fun! I'm gonna show you tonight!

    12. Do you cherish every friendship you have?
    ~ Of course.

    13. What does flying mean to you?
    ~ Freedom.

    14. Who do you love?
    ~ Anyone who appreciates me for who I am.

    15. Who do you hate?
    ~ Nah... Not hating!

    16. Describe the person who tagged you in nine words.
    ~ Seriously, i have no idea!

    17. What would you really like to do now?
    ~ Watch Twilight, Transporter 3, Wild Child

    18. What will you be in the next ten years?
    ~ No Idea...

    19. Coffee or Tea?
    ~ Coffee.

    20. What are you wishing for right now?
    ~ The strong bond between the Sampat Gang will never break!

    I tag:

    Thursday, December 4, 2008


    Okay, so today, me, YYaw, YHong and PYang went to Aeon Bukit Tinggi. Today was terrible! I wanted to watch Twilight as promised by Yaw the day before. Unfortunately, there was only tickets for the front row.. yucks~ So they changed their mind without discussing with me... =( Oh halleluyah~! They bought 4 tickets for Quarantine!!! Which is a horror movie! I've never watched horror movies like this before! I was like :" How could you do this to me?! I wanna go home!" I don't have the guts to watch horror movies! I'm scared! Eww, they are like so gross man! But there wasn't any choice... Oh my halleluyah!~ Know what?! I was closing my ears and eyes throughout the entire show! (Though I peeped a little) Luckily my savouir was beside me! Haha! Phew~ He got my back! But I wasn't dare to watch! Now here I am writing about this... Sh*t! I beg you guys! Don't ever bring me to watch horror movies ever again! If you change your plans, do tell me first alright? I will freak out again just like today!! 3rd of Dec 2008. A Day I will remember... The first time I watched horror movie! Quarantine.... Yucks yucks yucks!! No more horror movies for me!!!

    Monday, December 1, 2008

    Flashback- just right after spm!

    Santa Claus came early this year

    Just right after my accounts paper ,
    we went to chill out at BR JJ.
    Bought alot of stuff!



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    27 nov

    27th nov

    26th nov

    Before SPM