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    Wednesday, April 30, 2008


    Is the big day!! But... I still can't find the exact costume!

    What can I do???? HELP!

    Chili RED spaghetti strap! Anyone? Orange will help too!

    But... NO!! I have shopped every corner of the shopping mall and therre's nothing!!

    Are the colour red and orange so unsual?

    They are the common colours.. but why can't i find them??

    I'm going to die die die!!

    This is saturday! Which is only 2 days away...


    Monday, April 28, 2008


    What should i do now??!!
    I can't find the outfit for saturday's competition!
    I think we are cursed by the deadly devil!!!
    Please help!!!


    Saturday, April 26, 2008

    Questions for everybody!

    Don't read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 5 people.This is a lot funnier if you actually randomly list the names first.

    1. Matthew Lim
    2. Evonne C
    3. Kate W
    4. Poh Li
    5. Woam Cheng

    1. HOW DID YOU MEET 1?
    ~ From kylie's birthday party.

    2. On a scale of 1 -10 how would u rate your friendship with 1?
    ~ 10! a lot more than friendship!

    3. How long have you known 4?
    ~ 6 or 5 years maybe?

    4. How do you know number 3?
    ~ We are classmates!

    5. Where's 5 ?
    ~ Pulau Ketam.

    6. A fact about number 1?
    ~ He's charming!

    7. Who is 4 going out with?
    ~ No one. But she's going to...

    8. What does 1 do for a living?
    ~ He's a student.

    9. Would you live with number 3?
    ~ Woo! We gonna rock the house alive!

    10. What do you like about number 2?
    ~ She makes me laugh!

    11. Do you miss number 5?
    ~ No. We see each other like everyday.

    12. Would you make out with number 4?
    ~ NO! I'm not a lesbian.

    13. What’s your opinion of number 2?
    ~ Adorable, a sister.

    14. What's your favorite memory with number 5?
    ~ I spilled water on her twice... i think... accidentally! sorry.

    15. What would you do if number 1 and 2 were going out?
    ~ That's impossible! right?

    16. Ever had a long conversation with 5 ?
    ~ Yes. She sits beside me.

    17. Have you ever slept at 2's house?
    ~ Nope. but it willl be crazy if we do that!

    18. Do you hang out with 3 a lot?*
    ~ Umm... not really. But we talk a lot in school.

    19. Who have you known the longest?
    ~ Evonne and Pohli.

    20. =question lost=* pffft!

    21. How often do you talk to 1?
    ~ Everyday!

    22. What about 2?
    ~ Everyday!

    23. Have you ever thought 3 more than a friend?
    ~ Yes! We share everything! (our thoughts and secrets)

    24. Would you go out for a date with 5?
    ~ No!! I will die! haha!!

    25. Do you dream about 2?
    ~ Never... or maybe a few times i think...

    26. What did number 4 did to you that you can never forget?
    ~ Being my "mom".

    27. What have you done for 1 that the person never forget?
    ~ To love him? *chuckles*

    28. What's 3 hobby?
    ~ No air~ no air~ no air~~~~ listening to songs.

    29. Tag 5 people:
    ~ Evonne, Sherlyn, Gschuieng, Gavin, Anybody else...

    Thursday, April 24, 2008

    NEW NEW new...

    My mom promised me a pair of shades and a juicy couture handbag!

    Yeah! Love you mama!

    Can't wait! When can i get my new collection? Don't make me wait too long! **it tortures...

    I'm gonna get my new shades! Over-sized shades! That's going to be so cool! I ain't gonna look like fly with it on! haha

    aiy... I bought the latest issue of seventeen and it rocks! 17 rocks my world!! Woo! Its the celebrities issue and we can see learn the way our fav rock star dress and i totally love Rihana's way! She's the one who brings the elegant yet punkin' look alive!

    There is bundle of things I wanna buy! clothes shoes bags shades accessories... everything! I'm totally thinking of Shopping right now! But unfortunately... exam is around the corner.. my parents wouldn't let me go shopping... I definitely won't miss a chance to shop during the hols'!

    By the way... Guess what? 1utama is the rockin' so-IN shopping mall! I love hanging around 1U! Its totally FUN! They have almost everything! I can find things I want whihch i spotted in 17! Waiting patiently... Be prepare 1u cause here i come!!

    The top ten finalist of cover girl search 2008 is out! They are so gorgeous! Who should I vote for? umm... well.. let me think about it first! I did try out but failed... ... :'( No worries... Its SPM year! so i rather try again next year! haha! Yes! Bev babe you can do it! hehe!

    Still thinking about 17, 17, 17... There are a lot of cool so-IN things I wanna buy! owh~~

    Wednesday, April 23, 2008

    What would you do if you have only one month left to live?

    That is going to be devastating! The first I will do of course is to cry cry cry... ...

    There is so many things I want to achieve in life... but its impossible to finish them in one month time... so... these are all the things I'm gonna do...

    First thing first, my family. I hope that I would die as an annoying yet loving sister in my brothers heart. They are my precious(although we quarreled everyday). I've always wanted the best for them. I want them to know that i love them so... And for my mother... I would like to tell her that I love her and I'm really sorry. She love me so much but i always letting her down, disappoint her... She is the one who brought me up as good girl but I ain't good enough. I've never fulfill her dreams on me... As for dad, YOYO! CHECK IT OUT MAN! he is my guy and we love each other very much though he always pisses me off by repeating the same thing all over and over again...

    Then, of course is my F.R.I.E.N.D.S! haha ! my friends are the one who brought happiness and laughters into my life! I will never be bored hanging out with them! especially the sampat gang! I am the laughing machine as I laugh the most and ... my laughing tone is the funniest! it goes like this... DO-RE-MI-FA!!! I don't know why... it comes out naturally! Laugh laugh and laugh! That's what we do when we're togehter no matter what!

    Hey, I wouldn't want to die without giving my first kiss out! haha! Umm... My first kiss is specially reserved for that guy who is so special in my heart! haha! P/S: EVONNE DON BE JEALOUS, MY FIRST KISS ISN'T MEANT FOR YOU! HAHA! He is the one who showed me what is the true meaning of love... I appreciate all those things he did, I want to spend more time with him as I don't have much time left... I want to share the last moment of my life with Him and only him... Now I know... LOVE is a feeling far beyond meaning and definitions.. its abstract, it can make one fly so high in the air and never want to come down... I wouldn't want to leave without a true love's kiss!

    The world is so beautiful and I haven't see the real world yet! There's a lot of places I wanna go! First stop, PARIS! That is my heaven! I can shop till the end of the day non-stop! The lastest fashion! Delicious food! Wah lah~! I can't miss the fashion show all over paris! I want to eat yummy yummies! And the one thing I must bring along with me is HIM! He's gonna come along with me! And have some cafe maybe? ^^ Make this a trip that will stuck in my life forever and ever! SHOPPING SHOPPING!

    After the busy and tiring trip, I definitely wouldn't want to miss Bora Bora Island!! A full-body massage maybe? Spa...~~ Sun-bathing! And look at hot guys under the sun! haha! I can hear the soft splash of wave hitting the shore, feel the cool breeze blowing into my mind, seeing stary stary night, stars shinning in the sky... so romantic~~!

    Well... I missed the snow when I went to China during winter time... So I want to go to Switzerland!! Snow snow snow....! hooray!

    It has been my dream to be a famous hot-looking fashion designer since i was young! But its impossible to be achieve in one month time. So, I want to meet any of the famous designers in the world! I want to know what is to feel like seeing my creation walking down the runway... How is it feel like being successful as a designer! At least I know.. I can imagine myself being in that position and it will make my life more meaningful!


    Saturday, April 19, 2008

    This Guy

    This is guy made my life upside down. Sometimes i do wonder if i could really trust him or not? But my feelings do trust in him. Will he ever do the things he did which broke my heart? Does he really mean it? Those things he said to me. I do want a ship that voyage to enchanted places, why not right? I wish you are the one who build the ship that is so strong that is so beatiful! I love you that is what i want to say to you. Forever more I love you! This is the first time i'm having this feeling so please don't ever break my heart again...

    Wednesday, April 16, 2008

    Roast pig is what i get after 3 days of hardwork

    I am roasted pig!!!! I've been under the sun for 3 days already and one more day to go! My eyes are red and i'm gonna be so dark after a few days time. NNooooooo~~!!!!

    Tomorrow is the final! I'm so excited!
    These few days was really interesting and we(bigjiejie) go and court the U15 boys. Haha! But seriously, some of them are really cute! And really good in basketball too! For evonne definitely is EDWIN, bamboo is no.12 from chung hwa(her own species-batang), seow chuieng is no.14 from kwang hua team lah! mush mush is the no.11 from BBSS!!!!!!!!! (that's cute) for worm?? Shiue Keong lah! And me of course is the most handsome one!!!! sshhhh~~ secret............
    I always support Sri Andalas U15 whenever they are playing because my "bro" brandon, evonne's "bro" edwin and CJ6 is on the team and they play really well! We were just being insane, keeping our eyes open to see younger ones!! haha!

    Saturday, April 12, 2008


    1.Have you given your first kiss away?
    Of course not! My true prince hasn't arrived yet!

    2.If you were to be stranded on a deserted island, who are the 3 blog buddies you would take with you? Why?
    evonne C! She's the one who makes me a laughing machine! KateW, my listener and the one who talks to me about herself a lot. Bamboo, my big sister or mummy?

    3.where is the place that you want to go the most?
    Place where you can find happy ever after.

    4.If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
    To be a better person so I could do things in a better way.

    5.Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
    Why not? A dull and boring day brings us a happy and colourful day!

    6.What are you afraid to lose the most now?
    Family and friends. They are really important to me! Can't live without them.

    7.If you win $1 million, what would you do?
    C'mon that's a lot! Think about it first! haha! But definitely I'll give parts of it to my parents who raised me up and some to treat my family to a feast!

    8.If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
    It depends.

    9.List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
    A good friend since 4 years old, active and joyful!

    10.What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
    This is a tough one! Tall, smart, handsome, sporty, not nerdy, and love me!

    11.Which type of person do you hate the most?

    12.Which do you prefer from your other half? hugs? or kisses?
    kisses, it will reveal the true feeling of him towards me.

    13.If you have faults, would you rather the people around you point out to you or would you rather they keep quiet?
    Point it out! Or else how can I be a better friend?

    14.What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
    Family and friends.

    15.Are you a shopaholic or not?

    16.What kind of electronic device/gadget you own that you like most?
    MP4 which makes me sleep tightly every night.

    17. If you have a chance. Which part of your character you would like to change?
    My lazyness.

    18. What makes you feel disappointed?
    Letting my mom who loved me so much down.

    19.If given a chance, do you want to see your future?
    No! It will change everything.

    20.What does your friends labelled you as?
    Laughing machine, big mao mao, hon hon(honey), fishball(the most common1)

    Tuesday, April 8, 2008

    I am still the same ol' bev c! happy go sampat!

    Today me, evonne and yian kay played truant to XXX room with ZZZ. We shouldn't be there but some how when we stepped into the room and locked the door, somebody knocked the door, so we had to hide! We found a spot and sat down while ZZZ went to open the door. We were shocked and we thought that someone saw us and we were doomed!! haha! But no one realized we were hiding inside the room. After that person, other people appeared again to see ZZZ. Oh! So we were hiding and remained there for almost 10-15 minutes. But honestly, it was amazing! It was just challeging! This is our first time to play truant to XXX room but then we weren't really lucky, haha!

    Sunday, April 6, 2008


    Am I really that strong? I said I wouldn't forget you cause you have become my tatoo...

    Now I realize... I ain't that strong...

    I am still missing you... Quietly...

    I miss the way we used to talked last time, naturally...

    It's not the same anymore and I hate it!

    Why do you ever appear in my life? You made my life upside down and now it remains.

    My feelings for you are strong real strong! But I ain't as strong as my feelings for you!

    Can you ever tell me... What could I do now?

    I wished that time would turn back few months ago... When I've never see you before in my life.

    With this, you wouldn't appear in my life and my life would be peaceful right now...

    I'm so confused...