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    Tuesday, July 28, 2009


    Yes yes i know. Its not Mother's Day. I particularly like this photo. =) Ah well guys, I'm sure I won't be updating much cause my fianl exams' next week! But I'll be back as soon I finish the exams peeps! It's gonna be my semester break after that. Cant wait for it! Good luck to my hardcore session and exams! haha! Hav fun peeps! Take good care of yourself. dont fall sick before exam!!!

    Saturday, July 25, 2009

    make college life better

    Ever wonder what makes my college life better? With more fun and laughters? Its camho session! HAHA!
    Steps to make college life better:
    Step 1- hand out with friends.
    Step 2- all you need is a camera.
    Step 3- Start snapping candid shots!! =)
    Step 4- Share the photos in either your blog or facebook!
    Me and Cheryl bring the camera wherever we go. So whenever we feel like camho-ing. Then, we'll make good use of the cameras! =)
    I'm the only with silky black hair while the both of them have the curly brown hair!
    Close up!

    Remember! Have fun by just snapping more photos with your fellow friendss! =) Have Fun!

    Wednesday, July 22, 2009

    Stories tht dont make sense!

    Our english class had been the most interesting and energetic class. unlike Chemistry, so boring. Ah, well today we did something interesting of course. Ms. Kalai was teaching narative essay. So each group has to list down 10 things: name, place, when, fruit, object, verb, adjective, color, sound effect and phrase of choice. CREATIVELY. After that, we are assigned to create a story out of the 10 words given by other group.

    This is the story our group came out with! =)

    Needing a nose
    Once upon a time, there was a boy named Jack. He was also known by the name of !WaseJiLoYuJa and he suffered from a syndrome which causes multiple personality. Jack has always been a humungous fan of the sexy Micheal Jackson. He went for a plastic surgery to have MJ's nose. One day, he decided to try the new flavour Blacky White ice cream from BR. While enjoying his ice cream, he didnt realise that his nose had fallen into his ice cream! and he ate it! Soon after, he felt a sudden pain in his stomach. He then quickly moonwalked to the toilet. The toilet had a pungent odor. He could not stand it, so he wanted to hold his nose. Shockingly, there was no nose on his face! He immediately sat on the toilet bowl to pass motion. While going through a particular difficult poop, he realised that his nose was stucked bettwen his asshole. He had no choice but to join an orgy of grapes to get his beloved expensive noce out of his asshole.
    After a long process of orgy, the nose was still stucked. He was so desperate till the extent that he went to MJ's coffin to steal his nose and made the sound "HeeHee!"
    From this story, we learnt that persistance is the key to success. By doing so, we can make the world a better place no matter if we are black or white.
    *by Cheryl, Fion, Bev, Zu, Galwyn, Ed Vinn and Jessica
    And this is our list of words and story created by other group.
    Found and Lost!
    Not too long ago, when my parents got married, I met Zuinti which was born under the lemon tree. It was a very special moment in my life as I approached a weird sound that sounded like "Boom Boom Tweet" and saw that she was glowing like a glow in the dark deodarant. At that moment, I yelled "super duper uber obiang!" and immediately I stopped sipping my killer neon red watermelon juice. I crept closer to her as my curiosity grew. Suddenly a monkey appeared and tried to hurt Zuinti. My immediate reaction was to protect Zuinti because she was gorgeous, glamorous and just so awesome blossom! To determine the owner o Zuinti, we had to challenge each other with Sudoku, Tic Tac Toe, Scissors Paper Stone and Bingo! At last, it was a close match but I won! I immediately picked up Zuinti, the pink polka dotted banana and tossed her in the air as I jumped for joy. At that very moment, a bird flew by and snatched Zuinti away. I was so depressed that I picked up a lemon and named it Zuanta as a substitute for Zuinti.
    Moral of the story is, do not simply toss a banana.
    *By Brian, Joseph, Tracey, Sye Keen and Kit Yew
    I know, I know people will be thinking what nonsense is this?! Yeah! This is our very own creative story. I hoped you guys had a good laugh of the two stories above. Did I make your day? hah!
    Btw, right. "Boom Boom Tweet" is actually the combination of "Boom Boom Pow" and Twitter's "Tweet Tweet" haha!! =D

    Sunday, July 19, 2009

    charcoal soap

    Some of you should know that I have sensitive skin. My skin will itch to the max if something irritates my skin. So my cousin bought me a soap for skin care.
    Charcoal SOAP. There you go charcoal soap. =.=
    Guess what color it is?
    Well its charcoal mah.

    Its black in color.
    Its kinda disgusting when you think of rubbing charcoal to your body. And its black in color. Its Charcoal. But I tried it today. Somehow its quite refreshing though. HAhah! I'll see whether it really will cure my skin problems...

    Saturday, July 18, 2009


    Now, now I haven't been updating my blog alot. But it seemed like there was nothing much for me to blog about. Life's fine. Nothing big.
    As usual, every friday night is the night me and my schoolmates, my lovely "siblings" gather together for yam cha session.
    Went to Ice cream cafe, had some snacks to fill my tummy. Then, me, worm and chicky suggested to go to the fun fair nearby. Guess what? I'm turning 18! And I haven't step into a funfair for at least a decade I think. LOL! So I was like a child so eager so excited! haha!

    Da Jie was as excited as I was! haha! The two kids. And the first ride we wanted to go on was the "Spin spin spin" ahah! That's what I called it. Everyone loves that I bet! Except for the after part. HAHA!
    How sad, I left my camera at home. No choice I had to use my SonyErricson CyberShot. Fulfilled the tummy again with Mc D! What? Goshhh mc d AGAIN. like AGAIN man...

    Enjoy ya friday night peeps!

    Thursday, July 16, 2009

    Oh my, I haven't update my blog for quite some times man. But, I have nothing much to blog about these dayss. However, I had my english group assignment presentation yesterday. I gotta get the photos from Cheryl first! =)

    Saturday, July 11, 2009

    too MUCH picturesssss

    HEyyy guys! Oh man, this is a long post with alot of photos. You can just ignore it if you want to. But heyyy! Laugh your ass out man! I went "yam cha" with Nicholas in Starbucks Centro this afternoon. He brought his MacBook man! So I started playing with all the effects in his lappie. Guess what? The Laughing Machine was activated! I laughed non-stop till something happened *which I won't mention here*. Errhemmm *clear throat*. Well, we took loadsss of pictures- stupid pictures- retarded pictures- whatever pictures you can think of.
    Starting with this one!
    Orge? =D
    OMG look at my teeth! EeekK!
    Well, some normal picture lah k?
    Siamese twins!

    and this.
    Cute alien *wink*

    After that, Sherlyn and Wendy tagged along. HAHA! Let's take more pictures!!! Me love this picture!
    We were being (sea creatures) Lala. =)
    kiss kiss nick's hand

    Last but not least.
    Normal picture of 4 of us!

    Friday, July 10, 2009

    Pink-a-Noodle's Birthday!

    It was Cheryl Inti's (Pink-a-noodle) birthday yesterday. We gave her a little surprise in CAE before the moral studies. Before that, how bad was I to keep her h/p silently. *no bad intentions* She did it again. She left it on the table without herself knowing it. After that, Fion and Ed Vinn came back with the cake. There, right there in CAE we sang 'happy birthday' for her! It was fun. Everyone in CAE was there to sang for her! How happy was that huh? Happy 18th babe!
    She definitely had FUN!
    P/S: Woman, never ever leave your phone on the table again pls. Or else someday you will seriously loose your h/p!

    Tuesday, July 7, 2009

    Family Gathering!

    Date : 5th July
    Venue : Kai's place
    Food : Steamboat!
    Yeah man, the family gathered at Kai's place for steamboat party last Sunday! Wow man! Perfect. All the cousins studied oversea came back at the same time! Everyone was there. Here's the 'cousin table' haha! All cousins. no Mummy and Daddy!
    Gosh.. my brother hid behind me lahhh!

    ~Chiang chiang chiang chiang~This is my cousin Han Chun who is also my *boyfriend*! HAhah! He claims himself as my boyfriend to protect me from the stalkersssss! haHAHA!! ;)
    The food was awesome. I still prefer our own steamboat. Homemade steamboat. We take our own sweet time to makan eh! I sat at the same spot from the start till the end mannn!! Have put on some weight eh? Haha! Have to start dieting already~~!
    We all had fun that night. Of course with my aunt around there will be more gathering!

    Saturday, July 4, 2009


    I went to Bukit Tinggi last night to surprise Yong Yaw! It was a gathering before he goes to Kajang for college next week. Something like Farewell. It was awesome! Finally we get to gather like this again! I followed YiHong so we were late. And he actually lied to YY about us stucked cause the car broke down. LOL. In the end, we all went to Jeth Cafe. Everyone had lots of fun camho-ing with Yian Kay's camera! Of course, we haven't gather like that for sometime, I was super uber happy when I saw all of them!
    Sampat Gang united again!
    With our signature pose.
    Sadly, GSC wasn't there last night.

    Well, for sure we will miss you badly. You better come back more often YAW!

    Friday, July 3, 2009

    Ice Melted...

    I'm super uber tired right now. But still, I can think of those funny parts in the show! I watched Ice Age 3 in 1Utama with the cousins, Kai and Han Chun. Had Chili's for dinner before that. This is the 3rd installement of Ice Age. This one is better than the previous ones. Obviously, cause I laughed the most watching the part 3!
    Anyone who watched Ice Age 1 or 2 definitely will remember this little fella Sid. Manny, the mammoth and his mate, Ellie (Queen Latifah) are expecting a new baby. Sid decided to start a family of his own by stealing dino eggs and ended up in a dino underground world.

    And, not to forget Scrat (i call it chipmunk but i have no idea what animal it is?) is still trying to hold onto its acorn. He has already found a romance.
    Anyway, its worth watching for people who had watched Ice Age 1 or 2 before. =)