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    Sunday, June 28, 2009

    Take a Break Have a KitKat!

    Transformers 2 Movie Outing with 99 other people!

    YooHooo peeps! Have you watched it?? I am an ordinary movie fan of Transformers. I enjoyed every single second in the cinema watching Transformers 2- Revenge of the Fallen. It was a bomb! Thanks to Micheal Bay, the incredible director of this movie.
    It's all about the war between Autobots and Decepticons and Sam Witwicky caught between. Megatron was brought to live again. The film scope has expanded to several countries, France and Egypt.
    Anyway, I'm not gonna talk much about it.
    You'll just have to watch it yourself to experience the excitement!
    Kai managed to sold out all his 100 tickets! And yea thanks to Kai, my so-called manager, I met a lot of friends! Eugene, who I sat next to in the cinema is one of them. =D
    Cousins*Photo grabbed from Eugene*
    We really have to organize more movie outings next time! It was a blast!

    Saturday, June 27, 2009

    woof woof

    Hey peeps! Transformers 2 was Awesome-Pawsome Mann! haha! I'll update more about the day soon when I get the pictures from Eugene! yea! Woof! *be right back*

    Friday, June 26, 2009

    the Tickets!

    Aha! Finally got the whole picture of 100 tickets to Transformers 2! I can't wait for it! Tomorrow is the day. Man, its gonna be a bomb! Err, if you calculate carefully, there's only 98 tickets cause 2 were stolen by Kai's twin brothers! haha

    It's Heart Talk

    I never expected things will turn out to be like this. You have broken your promises like zillion times already. Do you realize that? Problems always can be sorted out. However, you decided to just forget about everything. Promises is nothing to you. The problems between us can never be sorted out isn't it? It's hard to solve problems like this when both are having attitude problem right?
    I'm having all sorts of problems right now which I can't handle them myself! I need a shoulder to lean on. I can just give up on you, you and you anytime!

    Tuesday, June 23, 2009

    Transformers 2

    This must be interesting! My cousin a.k.a my manager Kai bought 100 tickets for Transformers 2 on the 27th of June! See there's the prove! haha! Yeaa mannn I never see that many tickets in my life! haha!! The whole stack eh!

    Saturday, June 20, 2009

    last night

    Picture editted by ZuuuuuYeeeeen! Nice right? =)

    Oh-So-Boring Orientation Night

    It was orientation night in INTI yesterday organized by Rotaract Club. Few of us decided to go. But not Fion, it was her birthday! AHah! It wasn't as fun as I thought. I thought it was going to be a bomb mann! But urghh, everything was so dead. *DEAD MEAT*. Especially the crowds. We spent a while in the Orientation Night and we left. We were hanging around INTI while thinking of where to go next. So there you go. Camwhore session!!

    Warning of these bad kids in INTI!
    And the girls who love INTI that much.

    These are the girls.
    Yaenn, Me, Zuuu and Cheryl.

    It was suppose to be Hawaiian night. So I simply put on my new top from Billabong and shorts. Zuu as well. But the two babes, YAenn and Cheryl were super duper hot! haha! Killer Heelssss man!
    And that's me covering the half of face which had a "tattoo"

    In the end, Justin came and we all went to Taipan Papa Rich. Me and Cheryl hadn't had our dinner so ordered something nice for ourselves!! Hmm, that place was nice. I like it. That was all for the night.

    Thursday, June 18, 2009


    Something extreme happened today! I was in the lab for Chemistry. In the middle of the lab session, I met with an incident. I was standing beside MarJitYu (Machi) when he was squeezing the Vitamin A capsule. while, I was talking to Fion. No one knows how the vitamin A capsule suddenly bursted out into action and got me! There you see. My eyes turned red straight away. At least half of my face was covered with vitamin A! Sorry to my darling Zuuuuuuu about your lab coat. I'll bring mine tomorrow to borrow you first kayy? The redness didn't go off. Lecturer was sooooo worried that time. She rushed in and out so many times to seek for help. At last, I was brought to the clinic by person in charge of student affairs. Thanks to Fion who accompanied me all the time! And making me laugh. And oh yeah! My lecturer actually said:" Beverly, please stop laughing!" See that is how I got my "laughing machine" as my middle name! I couldn't help it. I was laughing since that moment cause Fion was just lauhing her ass out!!! Nothing serious happened to me. Everything's fine. The only problem is I am not allowed to wear my contact lens for at least 2 weeks eh!! Are you sure doc? I don't wanna be the nerd chic ehh!! People will see me in specs tomorrow ehh! and Orientation Night?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! DIE! It's gonna be sooooo funny. My red color professor specs........ @@

    Wednesday, June 17, 2009

    Just gotta Enjoy being with them

    Oh Ed Vinn, Zuu, Galwyn, Cheryl and me went to Face to Face for lunch today!! I know I know, its always the same place. Hmm, whatelse?! After that we went to SnowFlakes for dessert! Oh it was my first time there. Those were what Ed Vinn ordered for us. Everyone was so fulled so we shared lah.... They were actually nice!! HAha!! Hanging around then went back to INTI to hang again till 4pm time for ENL 101.

    Ed Vinn's stoned face!

    As always, "I want you guys to divide yourself into 7 groups." How lucky of us today. Ms. Kalai didn't seperate the 6 of us man! The first time 6 of us was in the same group. Lol.
    What's with the fierce look, vinn?
    After class, Ed Vinn, Zuu and Fion went to the library for their discussion. The rest of us, went over to Starbucks to lepak. Had to wait till 6.30pm for Japanese class. Oh oh I'm having my exam next week!! Excited!! Nervous~~
    Oh look at Cheryl girl, she was so pissed that she couldn't connect to the internet.

    P/s: having Psycho quiz tomorrow man!!!

    Tuesday, June 16, 2009

    Look at this! Ha!

    The Star, Star Two 16 June.

    Sin Chew Daily, 13 June
    Psst... Ignore my hairstyle. I was preparing for performance that time!

    Top: Tangoo
    Jeans: Levi's

    HAaha! See that? This is such a coincidence! I was on the paper twice in one week! And I was wearing the same top. My favourite one from Tangoo. I was interviewed by some dude in Inti from The Star last few weeks. Wanted to talk about fashion and how college students wear. There you see. "Beverly combines a simple top with intricate designs on the neckline with a pair of jeans. This practical student prefers to shop during the sales season mostly because she thinks paying the full retail price for clothes is not worth it!" Yea, That was basically what I told them. Look at the word SALES 50%-80%! and you know they are just so tempting!! haha! Don't shop when there's no sales eh!! XD
    *Spot me in INTI hah!

    Bbq Party

    Hey peeps! I know its getting boring here. I haven't been updating for quite sometimes. Have been busy with my college assignments and stuff! XD Oh well, both my cousins (Kai and Han) had a BBQ party last Friday. It was fun. I especially love the marshmallows!! Gosh. It's dry on the outside but its soft and fluffy inside! Ooh. Tasted good. Their friends came later and they had loads of drinks. Liquor party for them!!! WoHO! Had lots of fun hanging around with their friends.... =D

    Wednesday, June 10, 2009

    It's Wednesday!

    A short update for today's event.
    Its Wednesday so I have Japanese Language class at 6.30pm after college. So I have to stay back and lepak for 30-45 minutes every week! So great thanks to Ed Vinn, Cheryl, Zuuuu and Galwyn who accompanied me! yay! You guys rock!! We went to play pool at Asia Cafe. Goshhhh, funny. I don't even know how to play? Nono, I never even been into a pool centre before!! They said I'm too "Guai Lui" (good girl) already.Have to expose more.... HAhah!! You guys will get used to it mann! I couldn't play in the first round cause I was laughing my ass out at myself for being soo damn stupid! Seriously, I couldn't even hit the ball!! WAhhaha!! *NOOB* but the rest of them know how to play though. Vinn's the pro!! After several trials I finally got it. XD Haha!! *happy*
    OH well, I'm having my Japanese exam next two weeks!! I'm soo nervous!! Wish me luck! E's coming over to my house to revise on Tuesday! Yay!! E, I'm waiting.... Hahah!!

    Friday, June 5, 2009


    YES !!! I done my Psychology Assignment!!! Woo Hoo! Yay! Happy happy HAPPY hAPpY!

    Wednesday, June 3, 2009


    Hey peeps! Ahh, well today I am not suppose to touch my blog. Since i have lab report and assignment to finish ASAP! However, just let me rest for a while lahh... XD
    Chemistry Test 1 just ended...
    Had english class from 4-6pm just now. It was fun. Well, English class was always FUN though. Today our assignment was to protest or agree with something.
    For examples like SAY NO TO SMOKING! SAY NO TO SKINNY MODELS!! and best of all SAY YES TO MS KALAI! haha!
    Ed Vinn, Zuuu, Cheryl, Galwyn, Fion and me were in the same group. We flipped through the newspaper and thought of alot of topics. In the end, we picked SAY YES TO SMILING! First idea, Smilling makes the world go round! Do u agree? Yea I bet you do! haha!
    Oh well here presenting our presentation! haha!!nice babe!

    Tuesday, June 2, 2009

    SG must READ!

    In a sudden, I can't breath, my heartbeat becomes faster, I can't see things clearly, my body's shaking. All I think of is assignments, tests, MARKS. I told E, I want to be laughing machine again. The total freaky crazy laugh like nobody's business' laughing machine. All I need is Sampat Gang. They are my lovessss! Ever since we left secondary school, we haven't been together for a long long time. I hope you guys are reading this. I miss SG!
    Well, yea. I am stress right now. Making my dad happy and proud of me is another reason of being stress. I don't wanna waste his "peluh-darah" money. I can't afford to waste his money for not studying properly since I got the course I wanted! I want to go to USA. So I need to get good marks for every quiz every test every assignments. College isn't as easy as secondary school. So maybe I am a little bit over confident...? Maybe.
    Yes I remember this is what we do the best in the skating ring. Well, members of Sampat Gang will always be the most sampat. Last year, Evonne, Pohli, Chuieng and me went to Sunway Pyramid. We went ice-skating. I am the only one who can't skate. Was soooooo gan jiong. So I created this "Uhmmm~~" Haha! We'll make a small circle holding hands and make the sound "Uhmmm~~" LOL! I still remember very well! We had such a GREAT TIME together. Oh yeah, E's both brother's followed us as well. Was fun!
    Think of "Uhmm~~" I'll think of YiHong. Haha!I taught him how to meditate with my method as well. Breath... "Uhmm~~~"lol! Then....I will think of that time. Not sure when was it. We were in the same conversation with poh, pang yang and others. Out of nowhere I was being crazy again. Guess what I did?? I started the boming thing! "Pewwwww Boo Zha Bomb!" Lol. BazoooKA! Shits like that! That time was hilarious! Crazy time. Well, they are used to it.! Me being CRAZY and Self-high.
    Ohoh!! Wormie!!! I am sure you remember! How many times did I spill water on you??? Hahaha!!!! SOrry! My apologies. You guys know I can't stand laughing. Especially when I have a mouth full of H2O! Hahah!! Since form 4!! My fault. But I just can't control lahh!!! Sorry yea once again.
    Whatelse whatelse?! Hmm... Ooh!!! The time we brought all our handphones and cameras to SCHOOL!! Hahaha!!!! U guys should rmb right? hahah! Aiya!! I'm using laptop. The pictures are all in my PC. Hold on yea. Next post I post up the pics. :)
    Aww.... Goshhh! All the memories with SG is the most PRECIOUS ever to me!! You see, these memories just made my night better! Not as stress as just now! Pheww.... XD

    si beh


    Monday, June 1, 2009


    Had breakfast with Zuu, Rhae Yaenn, Ed Vinn, Galwyn and Satheesh this morning(Errr, I didn't miss
    out anyone right? Did I ?).Well. Nahh, nothing much. Ordered myself Indo-Mee. What?!! Goshhh.... I
    really have nothing to write about these days..... Is my life that boring? Well not really.... College
    life's great but its repeating the same thing lah. Lol. I'm doing fine in college. Everyday(Mon, Wed
    and Thur for me) same teacher same mates. Haha! Love my mates!! My lovely ladies Zuuu, Cheryl,
    Fion and Rhae Yaenn, and not to forget Jessica as well. I gotta hand-in my psychology assignment
    on Friday as well. Its on Sleep Disorders and I'm working Insomnia. In-som-nia!! If anyone out there suffers from
    Insomnia let me know. I can do a case study!! Haha!
    Chao guys!! Will be back soon!
    Love Bev the Laughing Machine