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    Thursday, April 15, 2010

    Story of the week!

    What’s your reaction when you found out your car is not moving when you stepped the accelerator? FREAK OUT! I freaked out!

    I parked my cute little white Myvi at Ss12 like I usually do this morning. Guess what? I couldn’t move my car when I got back in the evening and Vincent came into rescue!

    “Where’s your tyres?”

    he asked.

    I looked and stoned and started laughing! It was so hilarious! I couldn’t believe my eyes! The two tyres on the left side of my car disappeared and my car was supported by a brick!

    Then, my very generous dear lovely Fion fetched me home. and I went back to Subang again with my parents! I borrowed a spare tyre from my neighbour too! LOL! Dad changed the tyre and I drove back to Klang. I’ll bring my dear car to change tyre tomorrow then!

    Oh this incident made so many laughed their ass off! Including myself! hahaha! I can’t believe it!

    Arghh! There’s so many tyres stories about my car already! LOL!

    Lesson learnt: spend more time in ss15 to find a nice parking. fml!


    Caleb said...

    No way! You're kidding me? So, some idiot got annoyed that you parked in his/her space and then stole your tyres? Jokers! Well, at least they didn't thrash your car. It's amazing you can laugh about it. No wonder they call you 'The Laughing Machine'. ;)

    Beverly said...

    haha!! Caleb its true! well it could be the drug addicts who need money ? sell to scrap metal? lol. hahaha! Eh i stoned there n laughed non stop...haha!